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Four teens held for alleged lorry thefts

Taishi Ci

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Four teens held for alleged lorry thefts
By Mustafa Shafawi |
Posted: 01 September 2010 1255 hrs
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SINGAPORE: Police have arrested four teenagers aged between 12 and 16 believed to be responsible for the theft of four lorries in the Ang Mo Kio area.

The lorries were reportedly stolen near Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 in the last week of August.

Three were recovered nearby.

Police said the breakthrough came Tuesday when officers conducting surveillance in the area spotted four youths looking into a parked lorry in the area.

The officers decided to check on them and later arrested them.

A cash card belonging to the owner of one of the stolen lorries was recovered from one of the suspects.

The suspects also led the officers to recover the fourth lorry at Cowdray Avenue.

Investigations are still on-going.

First-time offenders found guilty of stealing vehicles may be jailed for up to seven years and fined.