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Tesla Is US Brand with Lowest Maintenance Cost for its Cars with 10 years of Use, Model S Is #1​

Jan 12, 2023

By Eva Fox

Tesla Is US Brand with Lowest Maintenance Cost for its Cars with 10 years of Use, Model S Is #1

Image: Tesla
Tesla has become the brand with the lowest maintenance costs for its vehicles in 10 years of use in the US, a study has shown. Model S and X are the cheapest cars to maintain, while Model 3 and Y are #4 and #9 respectively.

The cost of car maintenance is a very important metric when consumers are choosing a car to buy. Regardless of the starting price and segment, some cars are more reliable and economical, while others require significant financial costs for frequent maintenance. CunkerJunker analyzed data on the 185 most common cars in the US that consumers can buy and compiled lists of the best and worst.

During the study, the editors divided the brands into popular and luxury, which actually created confusion. Tesmanian combined the data to come up with a result that reflects the real picture, rather than misleading consumers into advertising for brands that do not really deserve to be shown as the leader.

CunkerJunker named Toyota the brand that is the cheapest car to maintain after 10 years of use, with a cost of 13.41% of the car's value. However, the maintenance of Tesla cars, which was placed in the list of luxury brands, costs 7.09% of the cost over 10 years of use. In addition, Toyota's premium brand of vehicles, Lexus, with a cost of 12.28%, also outperformed its parent brand Toyota.

So, in reality, the top 5 cheapest brands to maintain are as follows:
  1. Tesla 7.09%
  2. Lexus 12.28%
  3. Toyota 13.41%
  4. GM 14.32%
  5. Porsche 17.27%
The top 5 most expensive brands to maintain are as follows:
  1. Mitsubishi 29.47%
  2. Hyundai 28.16%
  3. RAM 27.76%
  4. Jeep 27.11%
  5. Chrysler 26.60%
In addition to general data on brands, the study also provided information on specific best and worst models. In this case, CunkerJunker segmented cars again, confusing consumers. Their study showed that the Toyota Land Cruiser, with maintenance costs of 7.29% of the cost, was the winner, however in the overall assessment of all cars, the situation is completely different.

According to the data, Tesla Model S is the cheapest car to maintain in 10 years of use with 4.58%. This is a truly impressive result. In second place is Tesla Model X with 5.09%. In third place is the Nissan GT-R with 5.19%. The fourth place belongs to Tesla Model 3 with 6.01%. And only in fifth place in the overall standings is the Toyota Land Cruiser with its 7.29%. Tesla Model Y is also in the top 10, in 9th place with 7.99%.
1Tesla Model S4.58%
2Tesla Model X5.09%
3Nissan GT-R5.19%
4Tesla Model 36.01%
5Toyota Land Cruiser7.29%

The top 5 most expensive cars to maintain are as follows:
  1. RAM Promaster City 62.02%
  2. Kia Rio 5 42.16%
  3. BMW X1 42.06%
  4. RAM ProMaster Cargo Van 40.40%
  5. BMW X2 39.94%
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syed putra

Really weird. I own a mitsubishi and it never broke down or require any fixes except for routine belt and oil change. And its 15 years old.
US consumers love tgh outlander hybrid so much it was the best selling hybrid suv although a newer model was in the market.