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Footballer Kaka's ex wife: I divorced him becos he's too perfect

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My Ballon d’Or winning ex-husband was too perfect so I divorced him reveals stunning model who married superstar player​

The world class player is now engaged and has a child with his new partner
  • Published: 11:43, 13 Apr 2024
  • Updated: 12:00, 13 Apr 2024
KAKA'S ex-wife has revealed she split with the superstar because he was "too perfect".

The former Brazil and Real Madrid star married childhood sweetheart Caroline Celico in 2005

Kaka and his ex-wife Caroline Celico split in 2015

Kaka and his ex-wife Caroline Celico split in 2015

Caroline said she split from Kaka because he was 'too perfect'

Caroline said she split from Kaka because he was 'too perfect'Credit: instagram @cacelico
She was married to Kaka for ten years and has two kids with the former footballer

She was married to Kaka for ten years and has two kids with the former footballer

They were married for just under ten years before divorcing in 2015.

The ex-couple had two children together but Caroline was not happy and has now revealed she felt something was missing.

She said: "Kaka never betrayed me, he treated me well, he gave me a wonderful family, but I was not happy, something was missing.

"The problem was, he was too perfect for me."

The Brazilian socialite joined Kaka's church after they married and she later became an Evangelical pastor but quit in 2010.

She then launched the charity Horizontal Love, which provides supplies for food, hygiene, construction and education to Brazilian NGOs.

Caroline, 36, married Eduardo Scarpa Julião in 2021 and the couple are now expecting their first child.

Kaka also found love again with partner Carolina Dias he began dating in 2017.

The pair got engaged earlier this year with the former Ballon d'Or revealing his joy at the next step in their relationship.

He announced the news on social media saying: "You made me the happiest man on earth!

"I promise to give you back and make you the happiest woman in the world. I love you."

The pair also have a one-year-old daughter named Sarah.

Kaka had a decorated career which saw him win nine major trophies, including the World Cup with Brazil in 2002.

He also won Serie A and the Champions League with AC Milan, as well as La Liga with Real Madrid.


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