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Serious Following @ginfreely's LOGIC of DEMANDING some people to SWEAR that they will "DIE a VIOLENT death" IF she is indeed a TRUE VIRGIN because they...


"so I'm not sure whether I should start my "more humiliating thread" about her"

Please do! Like I have said in another post, it's a brand new year, and we've the whole year ahead to continue to harass and abuse that slutty virgin and make her really crazy. And we find great satisfaction and enjoyment in doing so.
Dear @Balls2U, many thanks for your reply and encouragement!
I've already prepared it using Notepad, so I think I'll need about ten minutes to copy, paste and edit it, before finally posting it...
Dear @Balls2U, once again, many thanks for your encouragement!
But I'm afraid I foresee myself being too busy during at least the next few months (maybe longer) to post everyday (or nearly everyday) like what I've been doing during the last few days of last month (before New Year's Day) and the first few days of this year; but I might try to post on at least one day (or maybe two days) every week...

As for all the other anti- @ginfreely members, please feel free to bump up any of my anti- @ginfreely threads whenever you're in the mood! :tongue: