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Ex-TV actor Lin Yisheng on cheating trial


Cao Pi


Aug 23, 2010
Ex-TV actor on cheating trial

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Lim Aik Seng, better known as Lin Yisheng, is said to have swindled three men on separate accounts of cheating for a total of $260,000. ST FILE PHOTO: AZIZ HUSSIN

<!-- story content : start --> A FORMER television actor went on trial on Monday on three charges of cheating three men of donations totalling more than $260,000 in connection with a charity soccer match he organised two years ago.

Lim Aik Seng, 45, better known as Lin Yisheng, is said to have cheated Mr Sim Chin Song of $50,000 on June 1, 2007. He is also similarly accused of cheating Mr Tang Keng Boon of $10,000 by making him believe that the donation was meant for voluntary welfare organisation Metta Welfare Association.. The third charge accuses him of inducing businessman Peh Kang Lee into getting cash donations totalling $205,000 from several people between March and June 2007 for Metta.

The prosecution's first witness, Mr Ho Ah Huat, 52, chief executive officer of Scorpio East Holdings, testified that a subsidiary of his company made a $10,000 donation to Celebrities Holdings in July last year. This was after his friend, Mr Peh, had informed him of a soccer match to be played between Hongkong and Singapore celebrities with the proceeds, after deduction of expenses, going to charity.

He later learnt from Mr Peh about some problem in the raising of funds from a newspaper report. Mr Peh had lodged a police report. Lim, a Star Search finalist in 1998, has also a pending case of failing to pay the salaries of his employees at his failed business, Celebrities. The hearing continues. If convicted of cheating, he faces a jail term of up to seven years and a fine on each charge.