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Erdogan declares Israel a terrorist state committing war crimes but says Hamas are NOT terrorists but 'a political party elected by Palestinians'



urkish President Tayyip Erdogan today said Israel was a 'terror state' committing war crimes and violating international law in Gaza, while repeating his view that Hamas gunmen are not terrorists but a 'political party elected by Palestinians'.

In a fiery speech to members of his party, Erdogan said Turkey would work to ensure that Israel's political and military leaders are recognised as 'terrorists' and brought to trial in international courts.

A ranting Erdogan said Israel was a 'terrorists state' intent on destroying Gaza along with the thousands of people who live in the besieged territory.

syed putra

Hamas won the palestinian election but fatah under current palestinian authorities refuse to vacate their seats.
The problem is hamas is only recognised by turkiye and qatar. Saudi and the gulf state plus egypt do not recognise hamas as they do not agree yo a two state solution. They want onky one state and it should be palestine. Most palestinians agree.


When these leader try to white wash war crimes and unprovoked terror attack on civilians , they lost international sirpok

Good job