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Eco Summer and Eco Spring


Alfrescian (Inf)
Have viewed a few houses in these two developments by Eco World. Quite impressed. Same standard as Eco Botanic but without the ugly high tension power cables. Also just a short drive away from Austin Heights makan area and Aeon Bandar Dato Onn (by far the nicest Aeon Mall in JB). Those who have stayed or are staying there or have bought properties there please feel free to share your experiences.


Alfrescian (Inf)
Whoa! So many Singaporeans staying at nearby Eco Cascadia but none at Eco Spring or Eco Summer?

Eco Summer’s materials are cheap type when compared to Eco Spring. In any case, Singaporeans can’t buy Eco Summer (terraced house) because too cheap (700k plus can get). On paper and physical viewing looks good:


But hidden problems (if any) will only be known by those who have actually stayed there for some time.

Please share your experience. I am seriously considering buying a cluster house there. MYR 1.1 mil is only SGD 375k, can only buy 4 rm HDB in ulu area.


How do i get to view this development ? Any agent to recommend ?
you can always go down to ecospring gallery at setia indah, many sales u can look for or my sales christina 0122259504, just brought a friend there last week, likely to buy a cluster house there