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27-year-old S’porean buys JB apartment for S$200K as she can't purchase an HDB flat


27-year-old S’porean buys JB apartment for S$200K as she can't purchase an HDB flat



A Singaporean woman featured in an 8world News video and report has shared her experience on buying a house in Johor Bahru (JB) after not being able to in Singapore.

Living alone has allowed her to gain independence.

By Dhanya Vimalan - 20 Mar 2024, 5:17 pm

As a 27-year-old single woman, business owner Kylie did not meet the requirements to apply for a HDB flat in Singapore.

Nonetheless hoping to have a place of her own, she bought a 3-bedroom and 3-bathroom apartment in JB for S$200,000, which she says is “much cheaper”.

Started her own business at 18​

According to 8world News, Kylie started her own online marketing company at the age of 18.

Now 27, she has also opened a new online store UPawsion for pet supplies.

Since her career as a business owner has just taken off, Kylie doesn’t have the financial stability to buy a private property in Singapore.

Purchased her apartment in JB last year​

As she’s also single, Kylie is unable to meet the requirements under the eligibility criteria to apply for public housing in Singapore.
Wanting her own space away from her parents, she decided to take a chance and buy her own home in JB.

Kylie did her homework and purchased an apartment in Country Garden Danga Bay, JB for S$200,000 last year.
She paid a down payment of roughly S$50,000, and currently pays more than S$1,000 in monthly payments and apartment management fees.

Kylie knew investing in the rest estate market in JB was risky, so she made it a point to get a feel of the neighbourhood before she made her decision.

“I also have friends who rent a house here, so before buying a house I stayed with them for a few days,” she told 8world in Mandarin.

Travels to Singapore frequently​

Kylie shared with 8world that her home in JB is not far from her parents’ home in Singapore, where she stays when she’s back in town.
Although the drive to her parents’ place takes about 40 minutes to an hour, Kylie doesn’t find the journey troublesome.

As a business owner, she’s able to tailor her working hours to suit her lifestyle, choosing to travel between Singapore and JB during off-peak hours to avoid the heavy traffic.

Living in her own home has granted her independence​

Kylie saw the opportunity to live away from her parents as a “rite of passage” to find her own independence.
She told 8world that when she lived with her parents, many decisions were made for her.

Now, Kylie has learnt to live life by her rules, and discovered the meaning of the term “less is more”.

“Because I travel frequently between Singapore and Malaysia, my room in JB has very little things,” she shared.
“I also want to make my life simpler, with the little things I have, I don’t have to think too much.”

She also claims that having her own space calms her down when she is alone.

“It can be quite lonely on this entrepreneurial journey, so if I have this place and opportunity where I can better sort out my emotions and thoughts. It is actually a big plus for me.”

Has assimilated into her life in JB​

After living in JB for roughly five months, Kylie told 8world that she doesn’t feel lonely as she has many friends there with whom she meets for dinner and a catch-up.
Her like-minded friends also help her spread the word about her business.

“I am a content creator…so I also help her to promote her products in my videos or Instagram videos,” one friend told 8world.

“We are not just friends, we work hard for our careers together.”
Kylie also visits local shops to mingle with other business owners, learning from local merchants and inspecting the JB market.

She plans to expand her business to Malaysia and says buying her home in JB was “fate”.

“Looking back at my life, I realised that I do overthink sometimes, and I missed a lot of opportunities,” she shared.
“So this time, buying this house, also symbolises my change.”


Oh when will the immigration of Malaysia will stop her from going in after this Muse news media report?