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Drunk in Hong Kong - Losing Fingers And Sex With Park Benches

Aussie Pete

Well, it seems that going out drinking in Hong Kong can be frought with danger - of the most bizarre kind. Firstly, get drunk and vomit in a taxi in HK? Then there's a real good chance that the cabbie might just well bite your finger off. Or if you're feeling lonely and horny, why not make love to an inanimate object, only to get yourself embarrassingly stuck to the park bench.

These may be stories that could make satirical late night comedies TV, but unbelievably these things actually happened recently.



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[B]Man Gets Stuck 'Having Sex With Bench'[/B]

According to all reports, a "lonely and disturbed" Hong Kong man, 42-year-old Le Xing, had to call police to try and free him after his penis got stuck in a park bench he had apparently tried to have sex with.


Alfrescian (Inf)
>>>The prosecution had claimed the passenger only hit Chau after the bite, but the magistrate said the passenger's account was inconsistent. The court accepted that the trouble in the taxi ride in November last year was initiated by the passenger, rather than the driver.<<<

while in the familee's kkj court, sporns would be automatically deemed guilty if the other party does not hold a pink ayesee?