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Dear Stalker Karen in Singapore

Obs Tacle

I am aware that you don't have the capability to self reflect. You cannot see anything wrong in what tou do. Searching for every social media site for me.. scanning my name over thousands of user accounts. I commend your hardwork.
I cannot top your ability to monitor everything I do in the internet. You are very proud of the success of your actions. Bully me, trying to befriend me using all dummy / fake accounts you effortlessly made.
Let me remind you how this started and escalated to almost four years of your focus on me.
I was just on facebook having fun connecting to people. Then in 2018, a guy friend from childhood days reached out and the friendship developed further into a 'serious' relationship til he proposed marriage in which I said yes.
I trusted this guy. Since our mothers were friends too. Wedding plan was already laid out, the officiating minister and all. But when we finally have to do it, he cancelled for reasons I cannot imagine. So I slowly drifted away.
To convince me not to break away from him, he came to our residence with his award worthy drama, cried a river with all the mucus discharged from his nose.
To end it up, I just said yes again. But in my mind, I already lost the same respect I had given him. The image he portrayed unfolded into something else. He talked to my friends to convince me that his was being real.
I tossed all the negatives aside when his daughter chat me things that will soften me. So we went on and given him a chance. I brought him overseas to be able to get a decent work and proceed with our future plans.
I posted a picture of us when we FINALLY meet again at the airport on June 27, 2019. With our friends along, thinking this is a new beginning. [My right brow is raised while recalling this event.]
Little did I know... to the place where he came from. Someone - a facebook friend - showed our 'airport pic' to the other -- the OTHER girl's mother proving that the guy is still in a relationship with me. This 'other' girl is very much aware of my existence.
So whatever the OTHER girl's story was not true at all. The obsessed girl, proudly telling every people in her community that they have plans that nobody could hinder. Our 'airport pic' caused her mother to be stressed out.
With all the lies created by those two idiots. The issue of them being in a 'relationship' made a chaotic turn in HER family that the mother went into cardiac arrest and died on August 4, 2019.
During that time... August2019. I was just busy working trying to save up more money for our future plans. While the guy, as what he said then, was busy doing part time jobs as he was trying to get himself a regular job.
On August 4 of 2019, the guy keep nagging on me to meet him but I had a commitment to attend on my friend's sisters birthday party. So we agreed to meet on August 11.
We were happy to see each other &talk about a lot of things about our kids, his sister who was terminally ill and his new experiences there. We went to visit his boarding house and met his landlady who were SURPRISED to meet a girlfriend.
When we have to part our ways that afternoon, He then [again] cried a river with all the mucus out of his nose like it's the end of the world. *Laughing at myself now how I truly and innocently believed that show.
On August 20, 2019, a certain 'BJ' sent me a message telling me that he is a friend of my then fiancee. That he is safe with him and just landed in Singapore. With a picture of the guy sleeping in a leather brown sofa.
I was SHOCKED. But I calmly replied, thank you for the message and maybe he will let me know about what had happen later. I told a common friend about this and SHE SAID, "Do NOT believe anything that guy is telling me. "
So that was the last day of my freedom to roam anywhere on the internet-life I had. But little did I know that all my social media accounts were being looked at already. Piece by piece. Inch by inch. Word by word, every picture, zoom in, zoom out.
On August 21, 2019, A common friend let me know about my then fiancee, the guy in which this story started, that his terminally ill sister passed away. So I message him to go home. A sweet, simple... "Baby, tou need to go home."
Then my phone blew up of text messages from BJ. Explaining this and that. This BJ, is the younger brother of the other girl. That he cannot take all the lies anymore and to continue being used in the story for them to be together. Uhhh... Looooong f*ck*ng BS story.
No food or water that I can ever swallow. I cannot even cry. I was just sitting and reading everything that this BJ was telling me. Then he called me up to show me this thick skinned humans to fucking exist walking around proud of their elicit affair.
I had a lot of questions unanswered. A common friend came forward to admit her part. Allowed herself to be used because of a 30year friendship between us all.
The girl has 3children. A widow of a British Engr who died 10years ago. The middle child messaged me and said sorry for what her mother has done.
That should be it, done. Whatever was there should've left unsaid. On his (the guys) sister's wake, as 'our' story were blown all over, he told 'our' friends that he grabbed the opportunity to be with THAT girl solely for money needed for his sister's medical needs.
Friends messaging me to forgive and give it another chance. He got a death threat from the girl's father and brothers. He needed support, he needed rescue. He need to get out of the country [again].
By this time, I am out of balance in life. I want to scream it all out. The girl's father called me up and we talked for an hour and a half. He told me to take the guy back (to save his daughter), but said this guy truly love me, that he was just in a difficult situation. Said sorry for what his daughter did. And a lot more.
So I did. Accepted the guy back with all his impossible reasons of why he did it. But I was then wiser [a little bit], I asked for his Facebook account password in return. Story of LIES unfolded. Somehow, knowing the truth helped me carry on.
I played with it, played pretend. Saw bunch of lies and how the girl's mind works. Sick, mentally ill indeed. Just like how her brothers think, willing to kill. Her son said so. And admitted herself too, an evil.
I confronted the guy in a daily basis started September 6 to October 27, 2019. He knows that he can no longer convince me to believe the guy as he portrayed to be a hardworking widow and single father. I saw him as a scumbag, worthless human being.
On the first week of December, friends told me that the girl happily announced of her homecoming and that she won over me. Me and her family she disowned were 'looosers'. So my answer to friends then was, "LET THEM BE." That should be it!
On March 9, 2020, I posted a video on how the pandemic caused the airport to be deserted like a ghost town. In her suspicion of me going home to maybe meet my ex, she made an account allegedly owned by my ex to announce their engagement at midnight. The guy denied this to 'our' friends. He said it was made to secure the relationship.
The spotlight turned on me again. The events were emotionally draining. But I have to keep it all together like nothing had happen. I cut off ties to certain people.
On April 23, 2020, in the company of new friends doing podcast and vlogs. My phone rang from a friend. I ignored it. But later that day, I asked her, whatsup? Same old, same old. The guy wants me back.
On May 6, 2020, there goes another drama she have to create out of thin air. She told her gay cousin ally to message me with a screenshot of an alleged phone number owned by me labeled as 'loooser'. They got me. Fueled by anger, I posted my truth publicly and reported this matter to the police. But I need to be physically present for a case to go through in which pandemic made it impossible for me to show up.
People who were 'concern' spread it out. It was an all out wildfire. My truth was supported by evidences no one can deny. Stalker Karen, You cannot see anything wrong of what you started. You can only see the fault in how I reacted.
You want to bully me endlessly without me reacting at all? You created so much dummy accounts, befriended my friends and for whatever reason they became your flying monkeys. You even used a kid to go investigate to my mothers house to get an update.
Yes, you are so smart. You have all the time to monitor all my social media accounts and even accounts I have to make. I have to accept the fact that I have to endure years of your presence frequently poking me around. You're a queen of broadband internet of Singapore. Thus you flaunt what you inherited from your late husband.
If I only knew beforehand, my regrets deeply. I beat the redflags, too many redflags.
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