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dalit monkey agasin, cut across 4 lanes , no signal,GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY ELSE !




A DALIT woman stopped her car to confront her husband after he honked at her for cutting into his lane without signaling yesterday (Jan 26) along Orchard Boulevard at around 1.30pm.

The woman can be heard questioning the man, telling him to 'shut up' after he told her to move and then hurling an expletive at him before storming off.

Horns from other cars behind the Stomper can also be heard during the incident.

The Stomper said:

"Had a road rage incident today, whereby an SUV did not check blind spot while cutting 4 lanes to the left nor did she signal left.

"My hubby honked to let her know she is going to hit our car.

"He continued honking when he saw that she did not react.

"We had to reduce our speed and maintain it so as to not collide into her and the car behind us.

"I was just shocked that the driver who is at fault has the cheek to hold up traffic and scold expletives in front of my kid."

syed putra

Singapura is a Sanskrit word.that means, Indians have a say on how things are done in the country. If you dontch like, get out


This Indian woman if report police will also say she is not aware that she anyhow cutting lane and nearly caused accident.


Alfrescian (Inf)
Malays never buy car.they drive taxi or rent car or drive company lorry van truck.
in this case, it's a shitskin, not a m&d.
these dalits think that turning and shaking their heads (as they do during talking) is equivalent to signaling when cutting across lanes :biggrin: