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Conman cheats electronic shops of laptops and other items worth $135,000

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Conman cheats electronic shops of laptops and other items worth $135,000

Published on May 03, 2013
By Elena Chong

A polytechnic student, who committed a series of cheating and forgery offences, while on probation was sentenced to 22 months' jail on Friday. Suraj Kumar Sarabajeet, 22, admitted to 10 charges - three forgery for the purpose of cheating, one forgery, four for converting the benefits of criminal conduct and two for cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property.

A district court heard that Suraj posed as Captain Vincent Toh, from the Singapore Armed Forces, in January last year to order laptops on credit from Sapura Synergy Singapore and Multimedia Integrated on behalf of HQ Armour.

He sent them e-mails using the e-mail account "[email protected]'' and attached purported Mindef Singapore purchase orders from Toh. The goods, worth $28,844 and $15,230 respectively, were sold to him on credit.

In March last year, he he impersonated as one John Mackenzie from Federal Express to order 27 iPads, iPhones and laptops totalling $41,111 from Epicentre. The next day he sold 21 of the items to a shop in Coleman Street for $22,670, and the remaining items to two unknown dealers for $9,500. Suraj also sold the laptops he received from Sapura and Multimedia to others.

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