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Con·trar·i·an Jo·h·or


Re: A New Beginning ...

… we are going to form a triad ... to organise a KTV session around KSL City ...
LOL ... Great thanks for the solid responses. We already have a grand total of 10 persons wanting to join. I really hope more can join. My PA will handle the rest. LOL ... Just kidding!!! The key organizer is a very nice lady and she will contact you guys shortly for the ktv session. She is actually my boss, I am only the water-boy or postman.

As a pre·am·ble, before the grand meeting, she might want to start it off with a short durian trip. Those die-hard durian fans are welcome to join as she needs experts in durian talk. Her gal friend needs your steady guidance. Just let Miss BIG ORGANIZER knows.

I still hope Mr BIG LORD can find a bit of time to grace the meeting.

I, on behalf of the Miss BIG ORGANIZER, look forward to meet everyone here and have a great evening ...

in metta ...
Hi Ikani,

You have an interesting thread and I like how you put your thought in words.

I am from Johor, started school in Singapore since primary 1. I am 38 this year, married to a Singaporean.

Like your generation story, my grandfather was a rubber tapper. My father was first gen Malaysian.

We lived in JB for almost 18 years before shifting to Singapore.

It is interesting to see how we are quite the opposite.

I am happy that most of you are making Malaysia your new home.


If you have chosen technology as your weapon-of-choice, my heartiest congratulation to you! Different people choose different weapon-of-choice as their assault instrument. There is no right or wrong until the last leaf falls.

Our islanders in general are lazy people. They stopped thinking when the going was good and had depended on the king rat to dish out his nuggets of wisdom and followed them. When the going was bad, they too try to listen hard on the king rat’s advice. After all, what can go wrong since they have listened before and prospered? I don’t blame these followers as they came from an even more horrendous situation. With little to zero education, it was a blessing they could even read the newspapers. But, unknowing to the populace, the king rat has a change of heart or was it, never change of heart in the game of ruthless mind-control.

Food can be gotten on the table only through technology OR conquest. Since conquest is a tabooed word, I shall restrict myself to discussing technology. Technology, unfortunately, is a double-edged sword. It cuts both ways. If one wants to be good in technology and ground-breaking, then one must have freedom to think and explore. But, freedom breeds adventurism. The islanders would question the very pillars of power above them and asking why are they not being rewarded. Herein, lies the irony. If one wants control, there would be no freedom. If one wants technology in exchange for food, there would be a loss of power. The old king rat chose control over freedom. Therefore, as time goes by, life becomes harder and harder. Technology lags no man.

If technology makes me drink shit water and tell me that it is good for my body, I would rather trust my rain gods and drink water that is filtered through thousands of miles from the mountains by mother nature. I don’t like technology.

Same, same for the old king rat. He feared most his adversaries. He then controlled the press and freedom of his people from as early as 1960s, the start of his leadership and disallows any technology to take root. His company can’t even sell a rifle, SAR 21, to anyone. When in use, it blooded every soldier’s back. The buyers are not stupid. Old king rat couldn’t have done any better. Therefore, it is indeed your personal choice to stay within or without. But, since you are not yet a true islander, your choice may have a slightly different slant, which is not usually confronted by the islanders.

The story of how Qin came from a humble beginning or internal chaos to strong governance to emerge as a uniting force for China is truly refreshing. It spanned 25 generations of Qin’s hard work. But, one small mistake of taking victory enjoyment march (秦始皇帝 and his son) too soon, the Qin was annihilated within the reign of just 2 emperors.

I am a believer of history. I believe, by learning history, I get to reduce the mistakes I can make. History has taught me to be patient and not try to be too playful with my humble resource.

I remained a rubber tapper … fearful of both natural and artificial elements … choice of weaponry is indeed and shall remained a very personal choice …

in metta …
Ok, then i regard that technology is what differ human being and rats. Technology, as you said, is double edge sword, but you should put your blame on old king rat and not technology. I do not quite see a direct linkage btw technoolgy vs mind control or tech vs freedom.

Likewise, i want to argue the opposite: More technology we have, the less mind control we will be facing. And the more technology we have, the more freedom we have. With technology, we can make use our humble resources more efficiently.

No need to give example, just common sense.