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Serious CAQ Kenna whacked by homophobic Sinkie at MBS!


Police probe alleged assault at Marina Bay Sands in incident where drag performer tells of 'homophobic' slur
SINGAPORE — The police are investigating an alleged physical assault at Marina Bay Sands early on Sunday (March 10) after a drag performer went online to describe a "homophobic" incident there.

In response to TODAY's queries, the police said that they were alerted to a case of voluntarily causing hurt at 10 Bayfront Avenue, which is the address of Marina Bay Sands, at about 6.10am on Sunday.


A 29-year-old man had refused to be taken to the hospital, they said.

In a series of posts shared on her Instagram stories, a drag performer who goes by the name Mistress Kira Moon alleged that she and her friends were looking for a place to eat after a night of clubbing when a man, dressed in a black T-shirt, appeared and directed a homophobic slur at them.

The performer said that she then went to confront the man when several of the man's friends joined in the argument and a physical assault ensued.

She claimed that the man and his companions had attacked her where her "head was pulled to the floor, (her) wig flew off and (her) head hit the glass panel".

She also alleged that a friend who tried to defend her "got punched, surrounded while laying on the floor and kicked (in) the face". The friend had "got it worst" in the incident, the performer added.


In one post, the man is seen engaged in a heated conversation with three policemen while holding his mobile phone to video the exchange.

The drag performer claimed that the police said that the assault was not an arrestable offence and she was advised to "pursue the matter".

Voluntarily causing hurt is a non-arrestable offence in Singapore.

Police investigations into the incident are ongoing.