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Can I Travel alone but within a group?

Hello Guys,

I am coming into my 30's and I want to go away. I will be by myself as my family and friends all have their own commitments and I want to go and live life and find myself ( I know this sounds a little cliche - but its true).

I am not looking for love or anything like that but I want to experience life and different cultures, so please could anyone reading advise of any places safe to travel to alone but perhaps within a group of people? I have googled online but it only retrieves singles holidays to find romance and they are all for 18-28 year olds not what i am looking for.

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- https://www.tripadvisor.in/ShowTopi..._alone_but_within_a_group-Holiday_Travel.html
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Alfrescian (Inf)
you can try lassen tours in the bay area. they have group tours but many in the group are individuals looking for love. they cater to 30 year olds but 69 year olds have been showing up for tours. widows, widowers, single and desperate, married but available. the best group tour is the coach route from bay area to yosemite to wine cuntry in paso robles and on to san simeon where hearst castle is and back. 3.45 days x 2 nights (=6.9) with female tour guide. if guide is available during the night you can go for the guide, or there will be horny female tourists on bus looking for companions in bed for those 2 nights. go for it. must bring barf bag just in case makeup on horny females wear off before dawn.


What a refreshing topic, not expecting to see this on Sammyboy.

Just buy a ticket and fly out alone, you don't need anybody to travel with you in a group.


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When you join alone(single person) in any package tour group , you are already travelling alone within a group!-only thing is you may have to pay more as rates are usually for 2 pax per room.
When on business trips alone , I often book day tours(during weekends) from agents in hotel lobbies and usually you will end up with a small group in a van going to the same destinations-good way to make new friends during the hours spent in the van together!
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Alfrescian (Inf)
Just do it, (1) Where do you want to go, (2) Type of place that interest you ( Castles, Temples, Forts etc ), (3) look at map and plan your Hotels, Hostels or guest house along the planned trip map and booked it, it is easy you don't need tour agency save money and time, rent a car....:smile:


If it's your first time visiting the country, I think it would be best to travel with a group. Not only will you get to appreciate the sights, but you'll meet new people as well. But if you're in for an adventure, then go ahead and explore :smile: