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Serious California "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" Coming?


Alfrescian (InfP)
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California’s 168-year run as a single entity, hugging the continent’s edge for hundreds of miles and sprawling east across mountains and desert, could come to an end next year — as a controversial plan to split the Golden State into three new jurisdictions qualified Tuesday for the Nov. 6 ballot.

(Jon Schleuss / Los Angeles Times)

If a majority of voters who cast ballots agree, a long and contentious process would begin for three separate states to take the place of California, with one primarily centered around Los Angeles and the other two divvying up the counties to the north and south. Completion of the radical plan — far from certain, given its many hurdles at judicial, state and federal levels — would make history.



Alfrescian (Inf)
cal will grow to 69 electoral votes when children of illegal immigrants cum of (voting) age. since it’s winner takes all in a presidential erection it’s good to split up to 23 electoral votes each. norcal will still be blue, coastal cal is a toss up, and socal will be red. fair and square, although i prefer monterrey (and carmel) to be in norcal. taxes will be more efficiently and evenly distributed since norcal contributes the most. and norcal will be self-sufficient in water while socal will beg norcal for drops of water. currently, socal pumps water from north to south via aqueduct and wastes most of it.
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