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Serious Bro Lawrence Says Oppie Leong Is A Liar! Middle Class Sinkies Not Overtaxed, Okay?


High Order Twit / Low SES subject
How dare you say your host country is not safe and secure? You are such an ingrate. Jacinda Ardern used to work so hard for her nation and citizens until she had to suffer a total burnout and had to give up her post now.

Instead of smoking weed, you should have given her more encouragement in her job. Now you see that new kid on the block, Chris Hipkins. He's a jinx. Just only a few weeks into the job and you get cyclones and devastating earthquakes in NZ. I wonder how many more disasters he'll bring to NZ in the forthcoming months?

Ardern was the most useless PM the country has ever had to put up with. Thank goodness she's gone.


LW is lying. He's saying people give chicken leg but get back chicken. Anyone who can create money out of nowhere is a scammer


Alfrescian (Inf)
It's death by a thousand cuts. Refer to the carbon tax and the 'water conservation' tax.

Their motive is to kill, but cherry-pick a few cuts in isolation and out of context, and they can sanctimoniously insist those cuts are not fatal. :cool: