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BREAKING: Magnitude >6 Earthquake hits Honshu, Japan


Alfrescian (Inf)
Think of the Pacific Ring of Fire as a family. If one member catches a cold, chances are the rest of the family will fall sick soon too. :cool:


syed putra

So next big quake could be in Tokyo?
All Japan airports in the east are built along the coast. Or in the sea.


Pacific ring of fire is just a hoax where they will place their earthquake machine along that track (in the ocean) to generate frequency waves.

It was literally put in school textbook for indoctrination. Why do people even think it’s real when they never explore that ring of fire themselves?

Earthquakes are triggered by waves and the earliest date where such event occurred was probably in early 19th century or late 18th century where they have successfully invented that technology to do the damages

Putting these hoax into school textbooks is to justify those evildoers to create unlimited earthquakes


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