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Best Method To Suicide!~!~


so how bros...
anyone tried any of the methods above? (or thinking might try in near future) :wink:
i like the one on dying slowly with low portion of poison... :p

Drink a bottle of Martell, drunk le... take a lift to the highest floor and jump down.

Drunk le, so drop on the floor also like flying in the Sky....

No pain at all...


The best method of suicide:

Find 100 pros in Geylang and gather them in a big room. Then have sex with them one by one until you die. Nothing beats dying by orgasms. Besides, you can always film them and it will get posted in the video websites with the title "The man who orgas to death". :biggrin:


Alfrescian (Inf)
use a enclose room and use a charcoal stove and burn charcoal in it. Must be smoky type, while sleep to death from monoxide poisoning. Seem to be the way to go. See a new report of taiwan news network, a whole family suicide using this method, neighbours never found out for many years till some bank went to the enclosured the house due to unpaid debt. The bank officer got the fright his life when he force entry with a locksmith. Police knew the date of the suicide from the suicide note. all that was left of the bodies were just bones.:eek:


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The best method of suicide:

Find 100 pros in Geylang and gather them in a big room. Then have sex with them one by one until you die. Nothing beats dying by orgasms. Besides, you can always film them and it will get posted in the video websites with the title "The man who orgas to death". :biggrin:

No you dont die only little bro die .Becomes blackened and swrivelled then gangrenous and you have to amputate if off.This is not a fuck method to die.


Lethal & painless method as brothers have already pointed out is by Carbon Monoxide poisoning.
Another lethal method is by boiling cocktail of household cleaning products. Inhale. The fumes are very toxic but you will suffer before you die. Froth at the mouth etc... and if you didn't turn off the boiling cocktail, the fumes will kill off your neighbours as well.
Anyway, there is nothing in life that warrants a suicide. Enjoy your precious life :smile:


Maybe theres some kind of pills that will lead to death if overdosage?? And without causing any pain of cos!!


Just try using hydrogen sulfide. its the latest trend for suicides. Want to suicide must follow trend. Don't die like a frog in the well.


Carbon dioxide suffocation.
Write your will, settle your debts, buy your coffin and funeral arrangements. Write your death note and say your good byes. Start the car in enclosed space. Let oxygen run out. Fall asleep and lose your Alfresco.com login.

No blood, not harm others, almost no suffering.... but then I have not tried it before, so ... who really know, huh?

Carbon dioxide (car fume) suffocation... best way to die... by yourself.


Someone asked if there is something better than sleeping pills because someone else mentioned that sleeping pills actually HURT and cannot die easily! (I think it's because that person's sleeping pills are the over-the-counter type.) Anyways, best is take half painkillers and half sleeping pills! Confirm die painless! :biggrin:

35x Anti-depressant/Painkillers and 15x Sleeping Pills should do the trick. Don't buy from Guardian. LOL. Those are useless. You need to buy controlled stuff from private pharmacies and make sure the concentration is at least 1mg. And for quick consumption, grind all 50 pills into powder form. Then mix the powder into a nice mug of the most expensive beer you can find. Drink. Enjoy the high. Fall Asleep. Die painless.

I can't name the pills, because I don't want to abuse my knowledge. And I don't want to give anyone the exact recipe for Death. Can't have it on my conscience. :eek:
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Brothers, suicide is a truly stupid coward's way out.

If life is truly unbearable for someone, the worst he can do is run away to a new country and pretend to be a new person. There are many 1st world countries looking for workers in less glamorous trades. There's even this town in finland which don't require a visa to migrate to. What's the frigging problem?

For someone having a terminal illness, why not just stop treatment and live until his last breath?? Spend all his money like no tomorrow, or travel cheap with no destination at all. Life is a gift!

For some, it is not as simple as that. You still have some elderly parents whom do not share the same idea as moving overseas as you to worry about. What then?


Hmm... best suicide method i ever tot of is this.

1) Find a building that is about 30 stories high.
2) Setup a video camera on the opposite side of the building, make sure its the best you can afford. Turn it to record. If can, have a webcam next to it to do a broadcast.
3) Get some bros to lay a big piece of paper or cloth on the bottom of the spot you want to jump to. make sure they mark an X
4) Go up to the tallest floor. check wind direction, best is you wear weights.
5) Jump down, and while you are falling down, do alot of pose.

The Result.

If you are accurate you will SPLAT rite ontop of the cloth/paper which can then be sold as a ART PIECE. The video and webcam will ensure your moments are captured with their full splendor and you will live on forever in the internet.

This way you get to die a glorious death, and your legacy will live on forever.

LOL! 10 char