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bastard Hongkee PEE in Fish Spa Pond ALL FISH DIED! Refuse to Pay for Losses!


咬腳皮魚全部死亡 揭男顧客全身浸魚池偷偷小便


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2018年5月16日 下午1:18




All the fish in the skin were dead.
[Sing Tao Daily]
Star Island Daily
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May 16, 2018 1:18 PM
All the fish in the skin were dead.
The shop owner looked through CCTV clips and believed that men were urinating in the fish pond.

[Sing Tao Daily reports] The mainland network reported that over 1,000 fishes in a fish therapy center in Guangdong suddenly died in bizarre fashion. The owner of the fishery discovered that he had been quitting when he was doing fish treatment. The man refused to pay compensation and argued, "How do I know that this fish is so fragile, I am only incontinent!"

The male client involved with the friend recently went to the fish spa to do a warm water fish treatment, allowing the fish to bite the dead skin. After dipping for a few minutes, he was immersed in a fish pond. The little fish swam past him. After 5 minutes, the fish suddenly turned upside down. The man noticed that he had left with his friends.

The fish treatment center owner discovered that the fish group had died and he turned to see CCTV clips. He believed that men were urinating in the fish pond. The boss asked the other party for compensation of RMB 30,000, but the man retorted: "How do I know that this fish is so fragile, I only have urinary incontinence. You fish is everywhere in my home, and it's even more expensive. You think it's great to have money. Yeah, and it's against the boss's extortion. The boss finally handles the alarm.