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Bastard Ah Neh employer gave Pinoy Maid only Long Expired Food caused Cancer, then fired her! HK public donated HK$700K


菲傭患癌被辭退 眾籌獲70萬元見證香港有情 今晤前僱主追欠薪


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2019年3月13日 上午7:31

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菲傭患癌被辭退 眾籌獲70萬元見證香港有情 今晤前僱主追欠薪
外傭離鄉別井來港,辛酸不足為外人道,若遇上無良僱主,更是徬徨無助。38歲菲傭Baby Jane Allas是單親媽媽,一年多前來港,今年2月中確診患有癌症,未趕及接受治療,阻止病情惡化,就被巴基斯坦籍僱主在病假期間無情解僱,令她失去香港居民公營醫療福利。
2017年11月12日, Allas清晰記得這是她抵達香港首日。城市高樓大廈密集,與鄰近陽光與海灘的菲律賓家鄉小島風景截然不同。她當時感到非常興奮,對前景充滿希望,因香港勞工薪酬比當地高出兩倍,足以令她獨力養起家中五個年幼小朋友。
儲物房無床舖提供 一周僅放半日假
面對僱主苛刻的對待,Allas坦言只能啞忍,只盼盡快完成兩年合約,「我好害怕,我擔心僱主會發怒。」陪伴接受訪問的妹妹Mary Ann解釋,一般初來港工作的外傭,面對惡劣的工作環境,都會選擇逆來順受,因若首份工作中途解約,會為履歷帶來負面影響,難以再獲聘請。
確診子宮頸癌第三期 僱主病假前一天發解僱信
不過,日復日的辛勞,令Allas愈來愈虛弱消瘦。今年1月20日她初步被診斷出患有子宮頸癌第三期,需要申請病假休養,期後於2月14日正式確診。期間,Mary Ann的美籍僱主知悉Allas情況後,樂意相助,讓Allas入住其家超過三星期安心休養。Allas形容,妹妹的僱主猶如「天使」,令她難以置信獲得如此厚待。
妹妹背後「軍師」 並肩爭取權益
回望過去一年多,Allas表示,曾感到絕望及迷失,幸黑暗中有光,得到外界不少支持,會努力抗癌,希望痊癒後再有機會在香港工作。她說,若明日見到前僱主,亦只想說聲「thank you」(多謝),因為這個遭遇,令她感受到人間有情。
而妹妹Mary Ann則指,一直支持姐姐鼓起勇氣,爭取自己應有權利,深明若然貿然退縮,只會再有一下個受害者。她說:「We come from a poor family, there is nothing to lose(我們生於貧窮家庭,爭取亦沒有什麼可再輸)。」

Filipino maids were dismissed from cancer. Crowdfunding received 700,000 yuan to witness Hong Kong's sentiment.
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Hong Kong 01
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Hong Kong 01
March 13, 2019, 7:31 am

Filipino maids were dismissed from cancer. Crowdfunding received 700,000 yuan to witness Hong Kong's sentiment.

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Filipino maids were dismissed from cancer. Crowdfunding received 700,000 yuan to witness Hong Kong's sentiment.

The foreign domestic helper has left the country to come to Hong Kong. The bitterness is not enough for outsiders. If he encounters an unscrupulous employer, he is helpless. Baby Jane Allas, a 38-year-old Filipino maid, is a single mother who came to Hong Kong more than a year ago. She was diagnosed with cancer in mid-February this year. She did not meet the treatment and prevented her from getting worse. She was ruthlessly dismissed by a Pakistani employer during her sick leave. Losing public health benefits for Hong Kong residents.

Fortunately, she was taken care of by her employer in Hong Kong, and she assisted her employer in recovering compensation and wages, and initiated online crowdfunding medical expenses. Now it has raised more than 700,000 yuan and has the opportunity to receive about 500,000 yuan in medicine fees from charities. Over the past two months, Alas has been grateful for this, and Allas is grateful for this. He admits that he feels indescribable and hopes to fight against cancer and repay some supporters.

On November 12, 2017, Allas clearly remembered that this was her first day of arrival in Hong Kong. The city's high-rise buildings are densely populated, and are very different from the views of the small islands of the Philippines, which are close to the sun and the beach. She was very excited at the time and was full of hope for the future because Hong Kong's labor compensation was twice as high as the local one, which was enough for her to raise five young children at home.

There is no bed in the storage room. Only half a day off in a week.

However, hope is disillusioned soon. For more than a year, Allas has been employed by Pakistani employers to take care of their family of four, but the treatment is very modest, such as working about 16 to 18 hours a day, and only half a day off on public holidays on Sundays; There are three bedrooms and one living room, but she can only sleep in the stairway with no debris. No beds are provided. Most of the daily meals are only provided with expired food. I used to eat bread that has expired for two weeks.

Faced with the harsh treatment of the employer, Allas admits that he can only be dumb and only hopes to complete the two-year contract as soon as possible. "I am so scared, I am worried that the employer will be angry." Miss Mary Ann, who accompanied the interview, explained that the general first-time work outside Hong Kong The servant, in the face of a bad working environment, will choose to accept it, because if the first job is cancelled in the middle of the job, it will have a negative impact on the resume and it will be difficult to be hired again.

Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer Phase III Dismissal letter issued the day before the employer’s sick leave

However, the hard work of the day and night made Allas weaker and thinner. On January 20 this year, she was initially diagnosed with cervical cancer in the third phase. She needed to apply for sick leave and was officially diagnosed on February 14. During the period, Mary Ann's American employer, after knowing the Allas situation, was willing to help and let Allas stay in his home for more than three weeks. Allas described her sister's employer as an "angel", which made her unbelievably so favored.

On the contrary, the Allas Pakistani employer knows that after his terminal illness, he is not only ridiculed, but also issued a dismissal letter on the day before her diagnosis, the day before the end of the sick leave, on February 17, and asked to terminate the contract two days later. After being fired, Allas was unable to continue to enjoy public medical benefits as a Hong Kong resident. She also needed to return to the Philippines within two weeks, making her feel helpless. Allas said that doctors now mean that she has only half chance to recover and urgently needs to stay in Hong Kong for appropriate treatment, otherwise the condition will deteriorate rapidly. She said that if she returns to the Philippines to seek medical treatment, even if the medical expenses are free, she still needs to wait for one year, which may make her condition worse and unable to treat.

Meet with employers today to recover wages and compensation

At present, Allas has received full support from her sister and her employer. She appealed to the EOC and the Labour Department and launched an online crowdfunding medical fee. As of Tuesday night, she has raised more than 770,000 yuan, exceeding the original target. She hopes to raise another $20 million to support $1 million in medical expenses and child living expenses. The sister employer has already paid $4,000 for the Allas family.

The stay of Allas has been extended to March 20. It will be met with the employer at the Labour Department today (13th) to recover about $60,000 in unpaid wages and compensation.

Behind the sister, the "military division" fights for the rights

Looking back over the past year or so, Allas said that he had felt desperate and lost. Fortunately, there was light in the dark, he received a lot of support from the outside world, and he would work hard to fight cancer. He hoped to have a chance to work in Hong Kong after he recovered. She said that if she sees her former employer tomorrow, she only wants to say "thank you" (thank you), because of this encounter, she feels the human sentiment.

And sister Mary Ann said that she has always supported her sister to courage and strive for her own rights. If she rushes back, she will only have another victim. She said: "We come from a poor family, there is nothing to lose (we are born in poor families, and there is nothing to lose)."


Alfrescian (Inf)
These fucking scums should be banned from hiring maids. NEVER hear a single good thing about ah nehs who hire maids.

Even those who are not hiring the maids are problematic. :biggrin:


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Indian national Daler Singh, now 40, committed the offence at Choa Chu Kang Park on Jan 24 last year.