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Bangladesh: Islamists burnt down a boat and nets of Hindu fishermen in Chattagram



Persecution of the Hindu minorities continues in Bangladesh. And after the results of the general elections, cases of persecution have increased in alarming numbers. A fresh case has been reported from the Mirsorai Upazila of the Chattagram district.
On the 14th of January, Islamists allegedly burnt down a boat and fishing nets of Hindu fishermen. The boat and nets were the only medium of livelihood. The incident happened in Domkhali village under the Saherkhali Union of the district.
Viictim of the persecution, Badal Jaldas alleged, “In the elections, I worked as a village co-ordinator for the Awami League. Because of this, Islamists threatened me with dire consequences. Soon after the results, unknown miscreants burnt down my boat and fishing nets worth seven lakhs BDT. I am now helpless. I have nothing left now. The boat was my only source of living.”
Apart from Badal Jaldas’s boat, Islamists also allegedly burnt down the fishing nets of other fishermen, Rabi Jaldas and Arjun Jaldas.
Meanwhile, after receiving the information, the Officer in Charge of the Mirsorai Police Station visited the spot. He said that an investigation is going on after filing a case. He also promised to take necessary actions against the perpetrators after looking into all aspects.