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Baccarat Winning Strategies @ Casinos - Famous Quote / Post - By SilverFox


----------------------This Thread is Dedicated To Brother

---------------------"Silver Fox" : 28 July 2008 - 10 May 2011-------------------



Quote are taken from Casino gambling fall in here!!!


Tai Sai has an house edge which is not advantageous to the normal player, but every kind of game that is advantageous to the regular who plays it often. So the 10 bet 9 lose, 1 win theory, the 1 win belongs to people like your category. :p

For me I travel to casinos often, so I choose those casinos which are relatively safe enough for me to be able to take out my winnings.

Tai Sei, Roulette, Pontoon, Casino Wars, 3 Picture, Blackjack, all these I don't touch.

I only touch Baccarat. Those small gambling cruise to international waters, I don't like to go, because you win a bit, you can feel some people beo-ing you. If you are like winning couple of hundred occasionally, can go lah. If you are winning couple of thousands regularly, I think better be more careful.

I have gone to Las Vegas, US states smaller casinos, aplenty, Macau, Cambodia, Malaysia. Due to proximity, I choose Malaysia genting. Every week I am there. Online casinos I don't play because it is not fair to us.

Baccarat is the only game with the best odds for us and the lowest house edge.

Going to a casino depends on how much you want to make. Some people content with $300 daily, some with $3000 daily, some with $30000 daily, so it all depends on how you play.

People do not have a good impression of gamblers. Because out of 10, 9 lose. It's true. To be able to be the one who win, its more of a mental aspect of a person rather than how skillful he is. You need to be very very disciplined in order to win. I don't normally spend more than 4 hours in a session. Mostly 2-3 hrs at most, then I go shopping, sleeping, rest, eating. Then I go back to the tables.

Have loads of rest and don't torture yourself by persisting betting on tables. If you can win, 1 -2 hours is all you need in a day. I see people betting day night, 24 hours, these are people where casinos love most.


Quote are taken from Casino gambling fall in here!!!

Maybe let me give a few cents worth on casinos.

The renos, fittings, lights sounds are all there to entice people to go in and stay. No clocks, because they want people not to notice the timing for sleeping and stay in there day and night.

I always wear my watch without fail to remind that once 2 hours up, I will get out of casino regardless of whether I am on a winning run or even on losing ground. Probably rest refresh and then an hour later go back or just go for sleep.

The jackpots, slots machines are the killers, programmed tuned to win. So these machines we can never win them. I ever seen them clearing the cash registers in machines. Got couple with few Ks, the most I saw was about 20K from 1 day takings.

Winning in a casino requires great discipline more than skills and luck. You can have skills, luck but luck don't stick with you everytime and even with skills, long run, the house edge will run you down. So one must be very discipline to stop. Start is easy, the stopping part is hardest.

Greed kills all gamblers. You don't need to be a high roller to win money from casino. One cannot be greedy and can then win long time regularly.
Use a small capital, use it to win the casino. Don't spend it. Bankroll it, compound it and slowly you can start playing part time or even full time in a casino.

Once the emotional aspect is solved, then one can slowly start learning card counting and betting systems. The most common mistakes which people make is double up, martingale or even those 1326 system or whatever. They will dry you up in long run. Even if you have capital, the table limit will prevent you from winning them. Casinos love people who play martingale, double ups, 1326. If these systems work, they would never be publicised.

"Bro Silverfox, what you say is very true. Discipline is one of the most important factor in order to have a higher percentage chance of winning. But how many people able to stick to it. Gambling is like drug, very easy addicted. Had seen friends and strangers playing not stop for hours, no need to sleep also. Sometimes I also like that

I normally go Genting as a short holiday to recharge myself, so I take gambling as a leisure not as a income. Win of course happy, but when we gamble must be prepare to loss also. My method of control is I will only bring the amount of capital that I intend to gamble inclusive of my expenses in cash, leave all the credit cards at home. I know this method is not good but at least it limit my lossing. Will be going there this coming weekend, hope come back happy "

May I ask when you usually go to Genting, since you said that you go weekly? Do you go on Friday night and return on Sunday night? How do you go there? Are you working full time from Monday to Friday?
What else do you do when you go to Genting or Macau, besides gambling?
How often do you go to Cambodia to gamble?
I find that odds in blackjack are not too bad, they are almost even. Have experimented a few times by starting off with a principle sum and telling myself that I will leave when I'm back to the principle sum. Usually start off winning, then lose it back to the principle sum after about 2 to 3 hours. The key is probably to leave while ahead.

I go on weekdays, sometimes weekends, but will be going for permanently weekdays because I have some activities to do on weekends in SG.

Friday nights are not very good because I find many coaches to Genting. By air I took before too, but the time saved is not much and very dangerous as you know also Malaysia muggers are quite rampant. Tell driver you going genting, halfway kenna robbed also high possibility. By coach is safer as there are more people, and also lower profile.

I only focus on Gambling when I go casinos. No hanky panky or engage in FLs because they are a distraction, when I come back from casinos, I can play all I want.

Cambodia was in the past, but I don't quite like the place due to long travelling hours there from Thailand and furthermore, not very safe to carry too much money. Got many eyes.

By going to a casino trip, example for a night, you have to ask yourself, how much you want to win, how much you bring, and how much is each of your bet.

If you bring $1000 and want to win $1000, then I can say its very unrealistic to do it consistently in the long run. You can win that amount if you are lucky. And you must be lucky consistently.

I can only say my winning margin is between 20% of how much I bring to casino on each night. That is to say if i want win $2000, I will bring $10K. If I want win $4000, I will bring $20K.

The greed mentality makes people think if they bring $2000-3000 per trip, they will win a couple of thousands. If that happens, casinos will close down.

I have been playing for some while already, that is why i have the capital. Initially I only started off with $1000, so you can imagine each trip I win only $200, but I never use too much of my own money to bet against casino, because that will be suicide. Now my capital comes from casinos, and I use it to win from them


Quote are taken from Casino gambling fall in here!!!

I see the pontoon tables shuffling every deck. This increase the house edge and lower the player's edge, that is why I don't play and you cannot count the cards. Blackjack if they shuffle every game, how to count? Even if they have 20 decks in 1 shoe, can also count, but the problem is if they shuffle each single deck each shoe, even you can count also no use. Furthermore, blackjack rules favour dealers than us. That is why I don't touch blackjack. Also that is why I don't stay in the comfort of home and play online casinos. All these are just crap gambling to me.

Hope you don't mind if I ask a few more questions.
How old are you and do you have a wife and children? Do you have a full time job? Mind telling us what is your approximate net worth?
You are my hero. :smile: hehehe Love your nick too.

Sorry was away. I am in mid thirties. Wife and children nil. I don't have any full time job. My approx net worth, never really count.

I can only say that when you go casinos regularly, you get to see regular faces. Not all regulars are winning regularly. You see today they win 30K, tomorrow 50K, next week, you can see them lose 80K easily in a night. The tables, chairs, croupier salaries are all courtesy from them. You see them good, but they could have lost millions already.

What is the purpose of winning money from casinos? More money to spend? In a way it is neither wrong nor correct. Imagine today you win 1000, so you feel happy, and tomorrow you win 2000, so you spend some money on gifts, food, the next week you lose 3000. How?

I am no hero, just putting my philosophies to real life issues. People in general have no good impressions of people who gamble in casinos. Occasion playing is ok to most, just like people buying weekly 4Ds. But when high stakes involved, people generally think you are an addict.

I have no heroes in casinos. The only idol I have is the casino owner...just joking.....Coming to the part of winning money from casinos, what is the next intention? Initial playing 'career' involves losing. Let's face it, you don't lose, you don't learn, and the cost of the school fees can be enormous. But how many of you would step into a casino to observe the behaviour of gamblers? What is so good of observing these people?

You get to see the greedness of human, disgusting characteristics of mankind, these are things which one should observe and not to follow. Look at how some people win. It is not easy to spot a regular winner.

The basic character of a winner,

- Calmness. (If you are calm, you basically win half the war)
Gambling Ethics
- Look at how some gamblers (proud, egoistics) showing off their ugly traits when they win a bit of money or losing their temper when they lose or pushing the blame on other gamblers, croupiers for their losing streaks.

If you can be very calm, you can be a winner in a casino. Never let frustrations get to your head. Once you scold the first vulgar language even in your heart, better get out of the casino fast because that is the 1st indicator of going to lose. The day when you can be calm at all times, one will understand how to win regularly.

Never let your emotions rule you. Never let other gamblers' emotions rule you.

There you see, I haven't got into the part on how to gamble yet. Basically there is no secret trick. Just how you calm your nerves. Easier said than done. Have time, go bookshops, grab books on philosophies and read them. I spend loads of time reading, people say read book in chinese means lose. I dare to say, Don't read, sure lose. The part on reading is to cultivate patience and calmness especially for those who don't meditate. I do meditate at times and read. At the same time gain knowledge.

In no time, you can play in casinos regularly and win regularly.


I read this read on reading.
I did it too .I believe going in with a calm mind is important.
There are also times u can feel the luck too.
Go in sure win feeling.


I read this read on reading.
I did it too .I believe going in with a calm mind is important.
There are also times u can feel the luck too.
Go in sure win feeling.

Calm mind is important. Just came back from a unplanned trip to Genting Casino made about RM$10,000/-. Stopped.
And proceeded with sightseeing .


There are a few approaches you can take:

Slow down the game

Although baccarrat and mini-baccarat are the same casino games, one thing we often overlooked is the speed of the games. In big baccarat 60 to 75 decisions per hour are possible whereas in mini-baccarat anything between 120 to 160 decisions per hour are possible. Playing Baccarat at blazing speed is not the way to beat the casino. Your money and your brain can go up and down in a matter of seconds. Because the casinos know that the law of probabilities favors them in the long run as more hands are played, the players are encouraged to bet on every hand and hence the game progresses at a much faster speed in mini-baccarat. The casino strategy diminishes your playing skills, and sooner rather than later you will throw caution to the wind. You must realize that this is a negative-expectation game where fast is good for the casino and slow is good for you the player.

Because of the inherent built-in advantage in favor of the casinos, they create the psychological climate that induces people to speed up, play longer and ultimately throw caution to the wind and eventually money down the drains. So when you are playing - play it easy, cautiously and slowly. There is no need to rush because the casinos will be still around after we are gone.

Playing conservatively

To play conservatively, you must be patient because waiting for the right opportunity to come is a slow process. It may come about or it may not, but it is worth the try. Here is how you play the conservative approach:

You adopt one of these two approaches:

If the Banker or Player won the last three hands, you bet on the opposite, one time bet only;

If the Banker or Player won the last four hands, you bet on the opposite side, one time bet only;

If you are one that like to be on the fast lane, and want to play the more aggressive style, we may want to consider adopting one of these two approaches:

Playing Aggressively - Which Side To Bet

Follow the trend

The simplest way to to get on a streak is to following the last winning bet hoping for long runs, but if you were playing this way in baccarat, for instance and banker and player won alternatively; called chopping, you will lose every bet.

To overcome this problem alternating betting was developed:

Alternating bet

This is how you play. You wait for the first two hands to appear and make your decision and then bet on the hand preceding the last one. For example, if the first hand is a player and the second hand is a banker, your next bet is the player and so on. In chopping table with banker and player alternating win and a long streak (a streak is one where at least four wins in a row whether it be banker or player) you will win. However in shoes with two and three repeats, you lose.


To get that winning edge, you must act, think and play like a winner. You must have confidence in yourself before you have confidence in your game. Confidence will come about if you have the knowledge of the game, strategy and money management skills. The Gambling Edge Baccarat Playing System is based on common-sense mathematical principles, a betting strategy, money management, and the most important point - a disciplined approach in controlling your actions and remain in charge of your life at all times. There are "life" support elements and are essential to succeed in the casino arena.

Good Luck!


"If you can be very calm, you can be a winner in a casino." - Silverfox

You could only win if your luck is good at that time and you know when to stop.

So when do you know luck is coming or when luck is absent? Depending on luck would be best on buying Toto.

The part on knowing when to stop is correct. But not on the luck part. Winning means lucky, Losing means unlucky? Then casinos must be very very lucky to keep winning.

Self-discipline can win, which contributes on the part of knowing when to stop:p


"If you can be very calm, you can be a winner in a casino." - Silverfox

Very True !! Greed kills all gamblers.
LUCK is very subjective. You Cannot control Luck.
But, you CAN control your discipline.
I go to LW or LJ very often.
Play with discipline and strategy and a time factor (2 hours) and
your chances of winning is better.
Do NOT be greedy, set a target to win/lose and STOP within the two hours.
Every trip, I win around $200 to $500.
I am jobless, so that covers my expenses for the month.
Trust me, you CAN win if you bet with discipline and strategy.


Thanks for your comprehensive reply.
I would like to ask you another thing.
What do you think is the profile of people who go to casinos? Say at a casino in Macau or Genting at any one time, what is the % of people who are tourists, what is the % of people who are serious high stake gamblers, what is the % of people who are small time addicted gamblers, etc? And of the gamblers in the casinos, how many of them are rich and can afford to lose and how many of them are actually gambling on borrowed money?
High stakers normally around 1-2%. addicts aplenty. But I would say most of the addicts would end up gambling on borrowed money. If you win consistently, do you consider that an addict?


"If you can be very calm, you can be a winner in a casino." - Silverfox

Bro [email protected], you really give us a good depth on casino gambling. I really believe that oneself should stop, if he starts to get tired. The judgment will surely get affected.
Hihi silverfox
Can i safely say that ur betting method is even bet on "following the dragon" or ping pong depends on the trend??
for me it is easy to win small amount daily but 1 loss will wipe out few days of earning. think most of the gamblers will be falling into the trap of trying to recoup losses when they ar down and i am 1 of them. So whats ur getting out strategy like?? 50% losses of ur bankroll?? i am currently on 20% of bankroll when winning and losing 60% of bankroll
for exit strat.
My frd and i hav been experimenting for the past few mths now..winning consistently should not be a problem but having few losses will wiped out big part of the past winning is unavoidable for our case.

How much is your bankroll and how much do you expect to win each time?

If you are stopping when you win 20% of your bankroll, it doesn't make any sense to stop till you are 60%. You should have stop when you lose 20%.

How do you determine when is the "dragon" coming or when "ping pong" comes? All this are just crap. Casinos do not give out free paper, free pencil for you to write and past results if it can help patrons. All these are their aid to help them earn more money from patrons.

Like you said most of gamblers want recoup losses when losing, but the minority who don't chase losses will win eventually. Casinos are opened 24 hours a day, why are people so kan chiong to try and recoup losses?

I will not give you a fish, but will teach you how to fish.

When you play baccarat, what is the advantage for casinos? Banker bets or Player bets? Tie bets or Player Pair, Banker Pair?

Banker 1-1 5% comm
Player 1-1 No comm
Tie 1-8
Player Pair 1-11
Banker Pair 1-11

Simple logic tells us that the higher the payout, the lower the winning rate. So I don't understand why people bet on Tie, Player Pair, Banker pair. Once in a while you win, but long time, die...

Why does casinos take 5% comm on Banker bets? Or in mini-baccarat, B6 pays out 50%?

This one you go think ok.

However good a system, if the person who is playing is not disciplined enough, also useless.


U guys how old liao still believe u can best the casino? No wonder govt need to import fts.

Following what silverfox does will only make u take longer to lose. Ultimately is still lose. Got notice why silverfox never post alr? Mid 30s without a full time job damn loser. Must have lose finish all his parents money alr. Lol