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Australia, the bloody cuntry


So there's like 25mil people in Oz as of 2017, but there are 20mil foreign visa holders. That's quite a number of visa holders who probably choose to stay the hell away after figuring what Oz is about - a bloody cuntry. All said the Kangeroos make good money from the visa biz!

IELTS is a scam!
MARA migration agents are a scam!
Skills Assessments are a scam!
DIBP fees are a scam!
So-called Australian diversity is a scam!

Oz is Hoon cuntry.

JANUARY 20, 2018 / 8:05 PM / A DAY AGO

Australian tax office to audit 20 million foreign visa holders

SYDNEY (Reuters) - The Australian Taxation Office will investigate more than 20 million international visa holders and foreign students using data-matching audits to catch tax avoidance and enforce superannuation compliance, the agency said on Sunday.

The three-year data matching audit will cross-reference information from the Australian government’s Home Affairs Department with Australian Tax Office (ATO) records.

“It is estimated that records of 20 million individuals will be obtained over the course of the three-year period,” the ATO confirmed with Reuters on Sunday.

“These records will be electronically matched with ATO data holdings to identify non-compliance with obligations under taxation and superannuation laws.”

Information on visa holders, foreign students, their sponsors, education providers and migration agents will be reviewed along with address records, travel movements and visa lodgments over financial years from 2017-18 and 2019-20.

If any discrepancies are found, the individual will have 28 days to respond to a request for information before administrative action is taken, said the ATO.

Reporting by Alison Bevege; Editing by Michael Perry



The time will come when King Bezo's army of Amazonian warriors and Indian Engineers Corp will wipe out Harvey Norman, Dick Smith and Courts from the Aussie retail map. Be very afraid for your cozy minimum wage and working hours. Even the 'buy Australian' crowd are fed-up with the retail industry's crap attitude and service. Small mom n pop convenience store owners should plan their exits now while Amazon Go is still in its pilot phase.

Australia's major retailers are struggling to keep up with Amazon's discounted prices
Business Insider
David Scutt
Business Insider27 February 2018

New research from Morgan Stanley shows the price discount between Amazon and major Australian retailers is getting larger for many goods

With Amazon set to launch its "Prime" offering in Australia later this year, the bank says retailers will need to lower prices and invest in improving delivery services

Heavy price discounting in the retail sector could delay when the RBA begins to lift interest rates

Prices for retail goods advertised on Amazon's Australian website are now significantly cheaper than those offered by Australia's major retailers.

That's the finding of new research from Morgan Stanley's Australian equity analyst team who say that after a slow start, Amazon appears to be learning more about the local Australian market and compete more aggressively.

"Amazon has rapidly improved its offer in Australia with the 'Fulfillment by Amazon' service (FBA) launching earlier this week," the Morgan Stanley team says.

"Since day one, Amazon has expanded the width of its offer, lowered pricing considerably and improved delivery terms markedly.

"We think that it shows how quickly it is adapting its model."

After a negligible difference when it launched, it's clear that prices for many categories advertised on Amazon are now significantly cheaper than at other leading Australian retailers.

"At launch on December 5th 2017, our analysis suggested Amazon was cheaper in the grocery category and more expensive in Electronics," Morgan Stanley says.

"Whilst the price gap in groceries has now closed, Amazon has created price gaps in Sports, Electronics and Apparel."

Based on Morgan Stanley's analysis, the average price discount for sports, electronics and apparel on Amazon now stands at 16%, 11% and 17% respectively.

For grocery items, the difference between the average price stands at just 1%, narrower than the 13% discount seen at Amazon's launch.

Given Amazon has indicated that it will launch its Amazon Prime service in Australia later this year, Morgan Stanley says this will likely mean traditional retailers will need to respond by lowering prices and improving delivery services.

"Given the pace at which it has improved its offer its difficult to predict how quickly retailers will be impacted, but based on the improvement to date we think that it is increasingly likely that retailers will need to lower prices and invest in improving delivery times/cost," it says.

While this will have ramifications for retailing margins and overall profitability for retailers, increased competition from Amazon could also have an impact on the outlook for Australian interest rates.

When the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) met earlier this month, it noted that "prices of consumer durables had declined further, indicating the ongoing influence of strong competition in the retail sector".

With price pressures already so weak in Australia, any further discounting in the retail sector carries the potential to keep overall inflationary pressures below the RBA's 2-3% target, something that would likely see interest rates remain at record-low for even longer than markets and economists currently expect.



How come Melbourne is so crime prone? And the Melbourne police so incompetent?

World's most livable city, Melbourne. Yeah right.

"Police say thieves went door-knocking through Montmorency, Greensborough and Kew. If someone was home, the gang just walked away, but when they found empty homes they broke in.

Stephen and wife Angela's Montmorency home was one of five burgled by the same gang over the past six days."