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Aussies, Aussie bankers are dumb



I love it when the Kangaroos get played by a 17yo M'sian girl. I'm sure she has a nice sum stashed away somewhere.

Malaysia boleh!

Sarah McPhee
AAP / 4 hours ago
A young Malaysian woman who went on a multi-million-dollar shopping spree in Sydney after Westpac mistakenly dropped the money into her bank account has had the fraud case against her dropped.

The fraud case against Christine Lee who received $4.6 million from Westpac has been dropped.

Christine Jiaxin Lee was 17 in 2012 when she started receiving extended overdrafts to the amount of $4.6 million.

She was arrested in May 2016 as she tried to fly home and charged with dishonestly obtaining financial advantage by deception and knowingly dealing with the proceeds of crime.

A Sydney court last year heard Ms Lee was nabbed still owing $3.3 million after allegedly purchasing "luxury items" in taking advantage of the mistakenly extended overdraft.

But on Friday her lawyer Hugo Aston told AAP they had been notified by the DPP the case had been dropped pre-trial, given there was "no deception" on Ms Lee's part.

He said the charge against her "required deception" but there was none on her part.

"She's obviously a happy young lady now this nonsense is over," Mr Aston said.

"She's relieved .... this trauma has ended."

Police originally claimed Ms Lee spent millions on luxury handbags and renting lavish penthouses.

"We're not pursuing recovery of those items," Mr Aston said.

He said he suspects Westpac "vigorously" tried to recover the money but it should "take more care" how it provides services to its customers.

A Westpac spokeswoman said the bank has taken "all possible steps to recover its funds" including civil action against Ms Lee.

"The criminal charges against Ms Lee were a matter for the DPP and Police, and we respect their decision," she said in a statement.

Ms Lee has since flown home to be with her parents in Malaysia.