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Aspiring singer dies during plastic surgery




Aspiring singer dies during plastic surgery

Published Nov 26 2010

Wang Bei, a strong contestant in China most popular singing contest Super Girl, has become the tragic face of China's craze for plastic surgery. The 24-year-old woman died in the operating theatre during plastic surgery.

Wang Bei and her mother went to a hospital in Wuhan, China to narrow their jawbones on Nov 13.
Everything seemed all right at the operating theatre until she started bleeding profusely and the blood went into her lungs.

She died of suffocation on Nov 15.
Wang Bei's mother was only told of her death a day later. She was reportedly still recovering from her own surgery, but was not reachable for comment.

Although there were reports that a blood vessel was accidentally sliced during the operation, Wang Bei's surgeon Dr Wang Liangming, has denied that his negligence had caused the patient's death.

He said the operation went well and that Wang Bei had regained consciousness when she was sent back to the ward. He said two hours later, however, her heartbeat, blood pressure and breathing became abnormal.

She was given immediate treatment and later sent to another hospital for emergency rescue, but died two days later, he said. China's Ministry of Health is investigating the incident.

A file photo of Wang Bei competing at Super Girl in 2005

Wang Bei, who joined Super Girl in 2005, was said to be a strong rival of the winner Li Yuchun in Chengdu area. Although she lost the competition, her beauty and talent had wooed many audiences. But her singing career did not take off from there.

She failed to sign up with any recording labels.
She tried her luck at other competitions but the results were disappointing. This led Wang Bei to believe that she needed to look more beautiful to enter the entertainment industry.