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Chitchat ATB Influencer Spent $746K on Plastic Surgery, Become No Horse Run!



Chinese influencer, 20, has spent more than S$746,500 on hundreds of plastic surgery procedures since she was 13​

Chinese influencer, 20, has spent more than S$746,500 on hundreds of plastic surgery procedures since she was 13

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Published March 2, 2024
Updated March 4, 2024
While plastic surgery can help one improve their looks and confidence, how much is too much?
Chinese influencer, 20-year-old Zhou Chu Na, better known by her online moniker Xiao Z Nana, has recently gone viral for her drastic transformation.
Here's how she looks now
She believes that plastic surgery can help one become beautiful

Nana previously revealed that she was called "ugly" by her classmates for “being too tan” and “having small eyes”, and was made to do all the cleaning chores in school.
The comments and bullying battered her self esteem and Nana, who had dreams of becoming a star, started going under the knife at the age of 13.
She underwent a host of procedures including double eyelid surgery, jaw reduction and rhinoplasty, and also had work done to her body.
Her goal was not only to gain respect from others, but also look like Chinese celeb Esther Yu.
She was sadly bullied for her looks as a kid

Nana spared no expense on her transformation.
According to reports, she has spent over 4mil yuan (S$746.5K) on more than 100 procedures in the span of three years.
The most agonising was a jaw reduction surgery.
Not only did she have to endure a gruelling 10-hour surgery, she experienced side effects and could only consume liquids during recovery.
But she says it's all worth it.
Nana has achieved online stardom for her ever-changing looks.
Netizens, however, think she has taken her transformation too far.
There were remarks that her face looks botched and "terrifying".

One particularly harsh comment read: “I don’t think you need to be changing your face, you need to fix your brain instead!”
She's undergone many surgeries in the past year
Nana looks different each time you see her Photos: Rojaklah