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Any American Landlords for Amy Yee Pang Sai?


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Super important message, I really need help:

If you’ve been following my Youtube channel you would know I’ve been kicked out of the house I had in Illinois for expressing controversial opinion #85. I need a new place to stay as soon as possible so if anyone in America can has a place to offer please contact me at [email protected]. I am willing to pay $0-400 a month for that place (apparently I do make enough-ish on Youtube lol)


Whoever who owns the house be absolutely fine with me voicing controversial opinion #85 (Based on American law, me voicing controversial opinion #85 will not get me arrested or cause any people living with me (even if they’re kids) to receive any harassment in any way shape or form)

You don’t kick me out of the place whenever I voice a political opinion you disagree with (I am a non-violent, pro-free speech, anti-religious, vegan, politically far-left Anarchist/libertarian socialist/anarcho-communist)
Complete privacy – I can’t hear you at all, I can speak at talking volume 24/7, and I can occasionally do shouting noises during the day for some scenes in my videos.

Walking distance (0-5 min walk) from food stores. If you have a bike I can use, then 0-5 min biking distance. Basically, I should be able to eat out without a car (Because I don’t have a driver’s license yet) in 5-10 min.

Blank, non-intrusive walls/backgrounds where I can film my videos in front of which has enough distance between me infront of the background and a spot where I can place a camera on a tripod filming me.

Chairs, tables, Wifi, Fridge, plates + utensils for use, washing machine, dryer + other basic house utilities

When you email me, please provide the place’s state, a general description of the place, how much rent you’re charging me to stay there, the address of the place (if comfortable at that point), the nearest airport to the house + your name and your contact no (if comfortable). I will reply to your email if interested and we’ll skype to confirm details.

I am currently in Minnesota sleeping on a couch owned by modern-day hippies (Yeah it’s a depressing story how I got here, I don’t want to talk about it now). This couch does not fulfill most of the requirements I listed above and is obviously not an ideal place for me to stay long-term. I’ll pick the new place I want based on how much the airplane fare is to get there, if I’m comfortable with the host, the price of the place, how cool the state is (My favorites are California and New York), if the place meets the requirements above etc.

I hope to find a new place as soon as possible so I can continue working on my Youtube videos in peace (And rest assured friends my Youtube channel will cover a wealth of different topics in the future (How horrible Singapore is, religion, SJWs, immigration etc.) and will not be completely devoted to controversial opinion #85). Once again if anyone can provide a place for me do contact me as soon as possible at [email protected] so we can skype and confirm details. Thanks alot for your help

Any Americans or fake Americans here willing to earn 400 bucks a month from a Harry Lee hater?
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Scrooball (clone)

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Anus Yee is willing to pay $0-400 for some prime estate space? Wow .... he must be stuck in the 1960s.

Maybe if he’s living in a wood cabin along a ditch!


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He could have prostituted his barely legal mancunt.
I would send him a thousand if he makes a video fucking Lanjiao Loong for 30mins.


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What happened to the bunch of "free Amos yee" stirrers like fat fucks Kirsten han and Jolene Tan, gay fucks jolovan wham and Roy Ngerng and looney fuck han hui hui ? Why no sound no picture from them?

And why the fuck Anus yee's Mother Mary Toh still got mood to help jolovan and Kirsten han stir shit?



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Google "free Amos Yee" and you'll find these bunch of fair weathered friends showing their support when Amos first got into trouble. So WHERE ARE THEY NOW? FUCKING HYPOCRITES WHO MILKED HIS FAME AND EXPOSURE FOR THEIR OWN AGENDAS.

Kenneth Jeyaretnam

Han Hui Hui

Tan Wah Piow



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$400 with so many requests? this amos really thinks he's king. why would anyone in the right mind support this little joker whose main agenda is only to create more trouble?!?!

Scrooball (clone)

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This motherfucker prefers to stay in New York or California. Haha.... good luck finding anything in the most expensive cities in U.S. Maybe if he doesn’t mind going to New Orleans.... haha. Same what... got a ‘New’ like New York!


Alfrescian (Inf)
Google "free Amos Yee" and you'll find these bunch of fair weathered friends showing their support when Amos first got into trouble. So WHERE ARE THEY NOW? FUCKING HYPOCRITES WHO MILKED HIS FAME AND EXPOSURE FOR THEIR OWN AGENDA....WHY DIDN'T ANY OF YOU FUCKERS HELPED HIM WHEN HE WAS IN SINGAPORE?
these are rectum admirers and attention-seeking supporters who'll ditch this punk at the first sign of trouble. so much for walking the talk and looking up to him as a bastion of hope - who, instead of putting their money where their mouth is, now has the (bad) taste of foot in mouth disease :cool: