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Anthony Bourdain ... RIP


Seriously speaking, have you ever thought of calling it a day? I have.

It's like ..Ummmm... I have achieved the majority of my objectives and there's nothing to look forward to. Life's become a drag on the soul and body...

Then I will snap out of it and be OK again. But one day, if I don't snap out of it, I should be on my way out of this planet.
my uncle say KNN after you have achieved majority of objectives is time to sit back relax and watch other people achieve or not KNN then won't think of suicide KNN


I live in a HDB flat and it's very physically easy to commit suicide, i.e. just go to one of the upper floors and when nobody's around, just climb over the wall and jump!
And believe it or not, nearly ten years ago, when I was only in my mid-20s, I actually stood behind one of those walls for at least two hours, seriously contemplating jumping and nobody was around during those few hours to stop me; but I just could not bring myself to do it, probably because I was not brave enough and/or my "sixth sense" just told me that it's morally wrong to do such a thing, so that was the last time I ever seriously thought of committing suicide.
my uncle say KNN anywhere even in the most crowded places also easy to commit suicide KNN


Alfrescian (Inf)
It is true for me but not true for you or others.
It's like a drug addict will not ask people he love to take drugs too.
Anthony Bourdain's death has certainly made us all more introspective and melancholic. Bottom line is, life is tough. We can only make the best of it. When our time comes (and not by our own hands), we can rest for all eternity :biggrin: