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Serious AMDK Expose - Sinkie Night Life Worst in the World!


Alfrescian (Inf)
over at this corner beer auntie is a thai lady. lao chio but timid. sure kena morested by ah peks who get drunk.
hanor, if ahpeks get a chance to grope her crotch, i'd bet they won't wash their fingers for a week - if only to relive their glory days in the los with that whiff of tomyam twat and sawadee-kunt :tongue:


no way! Singapore night life is awesome. That is, if you like to eat and eat and eat and tcss in a kopi tiam.

Half-naked bar girls who will drape themselves over a cheapo lup sup farang are non-existent if that's what his definition of nightlife is.


Cheap Charlie is a loser of a mother [email protected]#$%# who thinks that Asia is a white man's personal playground.
These are the sort of Ang Mos who cannot make it in their own country and pretend to be very successful in places like Philippines and Thailand where the booze and whores are cheap. He will not stand a chance with our mercenary SPGs ! They know a cheap bastard when they see one.

Nightlife does not equate cheap booze and loose women. I mean there is a reason these guys gravitate to the seedy joints in Patong, Patpong, Angeles City, etc because they are only looking for cheap sex and poor as piss cheap beer. That's all they can afford.

The dumbass videos pubs in front of Selegie - that is a nightspot haven?
Never heard of the Clark and Boat Quays?? Too commercial - Oh yes he has got no money - that's why MRT.... and that's why he is trying to travel the region until Thailand let him back in.