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Ah Beng Richard Paid $3,900 for 52 Siambus to dance for 4-faced Buddha



Richard Low spent S$3,900 on 52 dancers to thank Four-Faced Buddha in Thailand for answering his prayers​

Richard Low spent S$3,900 on 52 dancers to thank Four-Faced Buddha in Thailand for answering his prayers

Last week (Oct 24), veteran actor Richard Low flew to Bangkok to thank the Four-Faced Buddha at the Erawan Shrine for granting a wish he had made a while back.
According to 8world, the ceremony started at 7am and lasted 45 minutes. As a sign of sincerity, Richard knelt in front of the Four-Faced Buddha the whole time.

With the help of former screenwriter Soh Choon Heng, who's now living in Thailand, Richard also hired 52 Thai dancers to perform a ceremonial dance ritual.
Each dancer is said to cost 2000 baht (S$75), which amounts to 104000 baht (S$3.9K) in total.
When asked why 52 dancers, Richard said his lucky number is 26. He shared that he once won money at a Roulette game in an overseas casino by betting on that number.
The wish he had made to the Four-Faced Buddha in Bangkok actually came true for the second time so he decided to double the number of dancers.

Coincidentally, Richard is born in 1952.
According to the actor, now that he's getting old, he wished that he wouldn't fall into the "Moonlight Clan", a term to describe people who expend their entire salary before the end of each month.

Richard said since he made that wish, he started doing better in his career and his finances have improved too.
Needless to say, he feels very thankful.
"I'm already in my 70s. To be able to find [financial] stability at this age is something every elderly person would wish for," he said.
Richard said the wish already came true in 2019 and he had planned to go to Bangkok to do the ceremony. Then the pandemic hit.
This time round, Richard didn't make any more wishes.
All he asked for is his family to be healthy, which he feels doesn't count as a wish.
And since his previous wish already came true, he didn't think it would be appropriate to ask for more.
Richard at the prayer ceremony in Thailand