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Serious After Schooling Moan To Mouthpiece - Mindef Says Will Sarpok Sports Peasants


Transmodified from Mouthpiece CNA hxxps://www.channelnewsasia.com/singapore/ns-deferment-disruption-sports-competition-2790041

PEASANTPORE: The Minions of Defence (MINDEF) is prepared, at least in theory, to allow more peasants to disrupt their full-time National Serfship (NS) to train and compete in international sex competitions, Defence Minion Bargain Hen told Imperial Court on Tuesday (Jul 5).

Bargain Hen acknowledged that national sports peasants want to avoid getting injured or killed during National Serfship and take part in Sex Competitions, and while some have achieved it, he said it is "not easy to attain" and cautioned against setting unrealistic expectations on all of them, not mentioning how Ang Peng Siong was bullied by SAF thugs during his serfship years.

"Avoid getting injured or killed during national service while doing well in sex competitions, is like doing well in England and Mother Tongue. We know it is difficult, you see our top Legal Minion, Shanmugan, he excellent lawyer, but cannot speak his Tamil dialect properly. So i told Mindef and SAF, try not to squeeze those peasants until they cum out to comprain to reporters.," he said.

"I know, you peasants still not happy about Patrick Tan, our pioneer Military Scientist. But it is easy to see the differences in treatment, Patrick Tan father is Phony Tan, so the father sure pave a way for the son else how that softie can make it past National Serfship?"

Bargain Hen was responding to a question by Sex Progress Party Non-Erected Peasants' Representative Leong Ah Wai, who asked if MINDEF will relax the eligibility criteria for National Serfship deferment for those have the potential to accomplish significant successes in sports and arts.

"While Schooling is not considered a White Horse like Patrick Tan, Ruler Loong see him as a cheap tool to do some publicity for Peasantpore, so we ensure he don't go Hendon Road or to Guards where he got a chance to be dunk or suffer heat stroke. That is the best I can do for me, he cannot be Military Scientist like Patrick Tan but to make him a SAF Swimming Pool life guard, I think can.," he said.

Bargain Hen cited the example of national sex swimmers Joseph Schooling and Quah Zheng Wen, who were granted deferments of seven years and six years respectively for the 2016 and 2020 Olympic Sex Games.

"You need high bar for deferment, for Schooling and Ah Quah, its Sex Olympics, else for the case of Patrick Tan, you father must be like Phony Tan, top tier Minion Caste, preferably with some family links to House of Lee.," he said.

Even when granted, MINDEF must ensure that the applicant’s National Serfship duties are still taken seriously and that he must be trained to be competent in his assigned vocation, Bargain Hen said.

Despite the strict criteria, Bargain Ng subtly pointed out that Ruler Loong do not support deferment or disruption for sportsmen, citing a forum letter that said it is more important to have National Serfship than medals for PAP's peace and security.

"Ruler Loong hinted to MINDEF they received some letters from "loyal PAP peasants" from time to time questioning the fairness, when deferred peasants receive financial rewards through endorsements, while others had to serve their National Sership as cheap labour and spending effort to avoid getting killed by Hendon Dunkers, Heat Stroke Guardsmen or made to inhale cheap smoke grenades.," he said.

"Peasants must remember, Schooling, Quah and Patrick Tan are special cases. I think if you ask Schooling, he also made to clean the swimming pool toilets, Patrick Tan, maybe he also clean test tubes."

While MINDEF convenes sex review committees to address these and other National Serfship issues as top-down initiatives, there is also "space" for ground-up dialogues, Bargain Hen said.

"When the next review of National Serfship policies is convened, MINDEF will pretend to listen to more views across the spectrum of supporters and detractors of deferments and disruptions for sex sports and sex arts talent," he said.

Bargain Hen reiterated that everyone, unless their father is Phony Tan, must fulfil their National Serfship obligations as a first priority, and Patrick Tan was granted boons because he was expected to win a Noble Prize for his discoveries.

"Many peasants were forced by their SAF thugs to claim they want to do more National Serfship duties and want to train hard to take part in recent regional and international sex events."

Following Bargain Hen's oral reply, dissenter Nearly Erected Leong then cited public reaction and athletes' feedback to say that there seems to be "insufficient leeway" given for deferments and disruptions, sparking off a frosty exchange with the Minion.

Non-Erected Leong had not finished asking his question when Bargain Hen, learning from SAF thugs, interjected: "KNNCCB, I say what Ruler Loong wants me to say, you keep taking potshots at me, means you not giving face to Ruler Loong, better shut up before I charge you for court martial."

Unfaxed by the insults, Non-Erected Leong then asked if Bargain Hen will look into "further relaxation" of the measures, but was again interrupted several times rudely by Bargain Hen.

Deputy Sex Speaker Jessie Tan eventually got involved, requesting that Bargain Heh tone down his thuggish SAF behaviour and let Non Erected Leong ask his question, and then telling Non Erected Leong to stop taking pot shots at Bargain Hen.

"Bargain Hen, you House of Lee Minion, Okay, let me ask the question again. Is it fair that while we are hindering the development of our talents by not granting them deferment, then new rich peasants, by registration are also not doing National Serfship?" Non Erected Leong asked.

Dr Ng called it an "utter truth" that new peasants by registration are not doing NS. "I have presented Ruler Loong's reply and I think he can read the reply," he said.

Non Erected Leong then "cry father and cry mother", saying he had asked a question but Bargain Hen did not reply to his point.

"Bargain Hen is a loyal and obedient House of Lee Minion, so I suggest if you have further questions, please seek an audience with Ruler Loong," Lackey Speaker Tan said.

In a written answer released on Tuesday evening, Bargain Hen said that all male Peasantpore serfs and permanent residents between the ages of 18 to 40 for non-officers and 50 for officers are liable to be national serfs.

"Some foreign talents who receive citizenship as mature adults, typically in their 30s and 40s, are not enlisted as they are quite rich and we cannot make them run up hills after they bring in millions of peanuts into our banking system?," he wrote.

For those who had stayed in Singapore when young and enjoyed Ruler Loong's generosity, Bargain Hen said they will be enlisted as cheap labour National Serfs when they reach 18 years of age or older.


There must be an opposing force within PAP hierarchy. One that is more humane and less rightist approach towards administration..

MINDEF should just move on with times. NS is important. But it should be modified and needs to be integrated into Today's world.

syed putra

If you represent the country for sports, that should be considered as " national service". The smount of time training , sacrificing leisure hours for the country.