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Adventurous guy like to gao suah married women, cos more challenging & feel like a conquerer. Samsters forbidden fruit experts pls advise?



After some of my failed relationships with girls my age or lower here, and as I’m about to graduate, I realize that one thing I have never tried is to have a relationship with a married woman.

Had a senior 4 years my age that I liked back in the past, but she turned me down because she deemed me too immature for her taste (or at least that is what I guessed).

I started to realize that what I need is warmth, experiences, and understanding of an older-sister figure, yet also providing me the space to become the man to protect her.

So why married?

Probably because I see them as hotter and more forbidden – the more difficult it is to get the more appealing. Yes, yes, I know that my taste in women is degenerative and if I get caught trying to flirt with a married woman, I will be beaten to death.

And I don’t really like widows either, I like to have the feeling of taking away the wife of another man and successfully conquer the feeling of a settled, serious, and difficult woman.

People say that the more challenging it is, the more satisfying it feels to overcome. I have tried to flirt with girls who had boyfriends before but so far it wasn’t successful (one of them agreed to sleep with me as fwb but cut me off a few days afterwards out of guilt).

What should I do in my case? When I start to work, should I flirt with my older female colleagues and persuade them to leave their husbands for an adventurous and immoral-feeling relationship? How should I do so without the risk of losing my jobs or reputation?

For your information, I would rate myself a 8/10, I have an okay appearance, a bit on the thinner side but also taller.



It's the thrills of knowing your cock can do a better job than another man, and a testament of your attractiveness sufficient to cause a woman to break her marriage vows and admit she is a slut. :biggrin:


Alfrescian (Inf)
It must feel good to cuckold another man. Just don't get caught. :biggrin:

Many Pinoy maids who are already married back in Pinoyland cheerfully open their legs here for some weekend companionship. Good God-fearing Catholic women, eh? :wink: