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actually all team games should be allocated more medal counts than individual events


like football basketball softball water polo hockey etc
if they win gold, should be allocated say 8 to 10 medal counts on medal tally. silver 5 to 6 and bronze 2 to 3.

It is tougher to win as a team as opposed to winning as an individual.



I do agree certain games need to be awarded more than 1 medal.
But I'm not sure is team game more difficult to win than individuals.
Certain game eg soccer will take a long long time to play through group stages and quarter final semi final then final , such a long journey with so many players and just get 1 medal is really unfair.
Some games so easily can get medal.


Indeed and collect medal time also feel more proud collecting alone.
the only individual event that is so stupid is shot put. throw an iron ball and get individual gold glory. all the fellow does is eat eat eat a lot and make him or her overweight and train only arm power to throw a stupid iron ball
look at his beer.belly