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A Xi Jinping loyalist reveals why the CCP wants to attack Taiwan

red amoeba

Alfrescian (Inf)
Taiwan first then Japan. Japan also once part of Qin dynasty. He once historically China need to get it back.


Deng xiao peng attacked Vietnam because it invaded Cambodia. Nothing to do with domestic reform.
According to wiki, china was in self-defensive counter attack against vietnam invasion into china.
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biggest failure in human history is called tiongkok

never before in history did a country fail to conquer decimate destroy crush pulverize a smaller ceca country, EVER.

and also, they claim they've long surpassed stinkypura.

but i recall stinkypura also NEVER struggled against a 4 times smaller country.

while tiongkok struggles to take over taiwan next door because of a 4 times smaller country

1. coming from 10k to 12k km away
2. with no history or culture or heritage of their own, just 250 years old country.
3. a nation of dimwitted cowboys as we can see below

it turns out tiongs not half as good as this