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A Tribute To Good Old Forum Banter


GMS admires Andrew. :wink::thumbsup::biggrin:

Goh Meng Seng

Yesterday at 00:00 ·

This is UK Parliamentary Member Mr. Andrew Bridgen. He has great integrity to pursue the inconvenient Truth of the CV jab safety and efficacy issues.

He was an Tory MP, the Conservative party which is also the ruling plarty. He was expelled by his party in April 2023 for bringing up inconvenient questions on CV jabs, but he persisted on bringing up these issues, even when almost ALL MPs in UK Parliament literally boycotted his speeches in Parliament by walking out.

He perseveres on this uphill path, bringing up the BIGGEST WHITE ELEPHANT in UK history, glaring Excess Deaths in UK.

A man of great integrity who puts Public Interests before his own interests as a politician.

Now, he has 21 MPs supporting his cause to pressure the UK Health authorities to release crucial Excess Deaths data which it had released to Pharmaceutical companies instead of the public!

I admire Mr Andrew Bridgen's courage, integrity and perseverance in pursuing the Truth, getting to the bottom of REAL LIFE AND DEATH issues.

We need our own Andrew Bridgen in Singapore Parliament, and let it be me.

Facebook refused to allow me to share a very important video which shows what emblemer in UK has found in young dead bodies. But the Truth will prevail.



GMS asks how much is $28 Billions. :unsure::coffee::biggrin:

Goh Meng Seng

2 July at 02:23 ·

After note:

How much is $28 Billions?

Most people don't have concrete idea how much is a billion dollars, lest $28 Billions.

In terms of numbers, it's 28 with 9 zeros aka $28,000,000,000

But this would be seen just as digits to most people.

Would you regard a person earning $1 million per year a rich man? Of course he is. But for a person to earn $1 million per year, it will take him 28000 years to earn $28 billions!

Even if a person earns $1 million a day, it will take him 76 years to earn $28 billions! That will most probably be a life time for a normal person.

Thus it is very important for people to get their perspective right about such huge amount of money before they start talking about the "worthiness" of any project that cost that much.

It's not $28, $28K or $28 million but $28 Billions. They look very similar but extremely different.

We should start taking stock of all these big spendings by the government which keeps saying they need to raise more GST for whatever reasons.

This will be one of my priorities if my team of PPP get voted into Parliament.

Original Post:

I took a trip to the new MRT Siglap station along the Thomson Line.

I actually took a bus from Bedok interchange to reach there, instead of taking the MRT.

These newly opened MRT stations along Thomson Line look very empty to me, even though there is Victoria School just beside it.

I guess they have spent a great amount of money building these 10 stations right from Marina Bay to Sungei Bedok. The cost of building 1 MRT station can be as high as half a billion dollars or more. For the whole Thomson East Coast line of 32 stations, it is said to cost $28 billions which on average, over $870m, per station!

However, it seems that ridership over this line will be quite pathetic as compared to the great amount of money spent on it.

This will be especially so for 10 stations from Marina Bay to Sungei Bedok.

These stations are serving mainly low density residential area which basically has Zero connectivity with other lines.

The fact that I need to take a bus from Bedok to Siglap MRT station says it all.

This line runs parallel to the East West line with no connectivity to the main interchange stations like Paya Lebar MRT or the main densely populated Bedok Station in the region.

The main attraction along the this part of the East Coast line is East Coast Park itself but there is no connectivity to the park other than taking a long walk under the hot sun to get to the underpasses.

It is only logical for this part of the Thomson East Coast line to be connected to Paya Lebar MRT and Bedok MRT, with connectivity built to the East Coast Park.

Heng Swee Kiat claims to have his "East Coast Plan" but apparently he doesn't really know what to plan for!

I don't wish this multi Billion MRT line to become another White Elephant, wasting all the money and opportunity costs of traffic jams and inconvenience for the past years.

The standard of governance has dropped drastically over these few decades with bad planning and over spending of billions on projects that don't make any sense at all. When they run short of money, what do they do? They just squeeze us for more money via raising GST.



GMS is concerned about overspending. :cautious:

Goh Meng Seng

3 July at 20:53 ·

The following is taken from. LTA website


It says that after completion, the Thomson East Coast Line will "bring convenience" to 1 million commuters DAILY.

TEL mainly runs through low density area which one third of the stations are along East Coast stretch.

The "connectivity" part doesn't link to these 10 stations in East Coast section.

Assuming LTA could earn a NET $1 per commute on average at current price, it would take about 76 years for LTA to recover the cost of $28 billions! This is assuming all asset depreciation and repairs etc are all covered.

On top of that, I really don't see how it could serve up to 1 million commuters daily unless our population increase drastically.

Having said all these, it doesn't mean I am against the TEL.

The fundamental problems here are Over spending on such construction, lack of crucial connectivity to East Coast Park and what is the population numbers are they talking about for the Whole Singapore?



GMS sees interesting times ahead. :wink::coffee::tongue:

Goh Meng Seng

7h ·

Nigel Farage, the leader of Reform UK, an ultra right party which is against aggressive immigration policy, has finally claimed his First Victory at the poll after 8 contests in UK General Elections.

He was instrumental in the BREXIT campaign even though he wasn't an elected MP back then.

He didn't want to contest in current elections initially and only announced his candidacy 1 month ago.

Reform UK is projected to to win 13 seats in this elections even though their vote shares may be as high as the Conservative Party. 13 seats out of 650 seats is a small percentage but it may represent an important voice in UK Parliament.

Nigel Farage is most probably the most smeared politician or political leader in UK, by both the established parties (Labour and Conservative) as well as the main stream media. Even His ultra right fire brand politics has a term named after him, Faragism

However, such smearing has not deter Farage from making a strong showing in this Elections. In fact, besides becoming the 4th front running political party after Liberal Democrats, Reform UK is the key party that slices the Conservative Party down in the current elections. It is the party that supporters of Conservative Party switched to and resulted in the total collapse of Conservative Party in this GE.

Interesting time ahead.



GMS is not happy with PAP. :rolleyes::mad::roflmao:

Goh Meng Seng

7 July at 08:54 ·

Now we know CDC is funding this shuttle bus service and it's not funded by these PAP MPs nor their party PAP.

Why are they using CDC funds to promote these politicians on these shuttle buses? Will this be considered as political donations to these politicians for political advertising using taxpayers' funds?

They may as well paint the faces of these PAP MPs on all the HDB blocks in their constituencies using Town Council sinking funds!



GMS does not know whether to laugh or cry. :laugh::cry::biggrin:

Goh Meng Seng

7 July at 19:39 ·

I don't know whether to laugh or cry after reading the explanation Chee Hong Tat had put up for such obvious flaw in the design of this bus stop!

We don't even need to be a structural engineer to know that this structure is grossly overbuilt! My goodness!



GMS wants to protect taxpayers' money. :thumbsup::cautious::tongue:

Goh Meng Seng

8 July at 10:12 ·

First they created an unnecessary problem with incompetent design which most probably cost more taxpayers money than necessary, then they suggest a "high-tech" solution which will cost even more money!

Installing a camera and display monitor will incur not only initial cost but also electricity and subsequent maintenance cost! Who will pay for all these? Taxpayers lah!



GMS wishes the mrt was more utilized. :biggrin:

Goh Meng Seng

9 July at 05:04 ·

A friend sent me a photo of a train at Marine Terrace along Thomson East Coast Line. Time of photo, 8pm.

He wrote:

TEL at marine terrace. I got whole train to myself. GMS will say waste of taxpayer money. Ha ha



GMS likes this bus stop. :wink:

Goh Meng Seng

9 July at 17:26 ·

Here is another photo of a bus stop with a proper design that doesn't block passenger's view.

Absolutely clean and neat design. Don't need to have so many pillars and the pillars are situated at the center instead of the front.



GMS is concerned about Accountability Deficit. :cautious::coffee::biggrin:

Goh Meng Seng

9 July at 23:05 ·

Accountability Deficit

Some people say the LTA Bus Stop Saga is "small trivial issue" and politicians should not bother.

There are MPs bringing up issues about cats, dogs, birds, nitty gritty Municipal issues in Parliament. These issues I would consider as really TRIVIAL ISSUES which could be resolved with the respective ministries and should not be brought up at Parliamentary level at all.

The bus stop saga here is really MORE than a badly designed bus stop.

I would not be bothered with this saga if LTA and the Minister of Transport Chee Hong Tat didn't try so hard to deflect criticisms by giving some extremely lame excuses and a "solution" that would even cost more Taxpayers' money in the long run!

Admit it. Someone in LTA screws up by approving such flawed design which didn't even cater to the MOST BASIC requirement of "do not block the view of commuters"!

LTA seems to be badly managed with so many issues right from Simply Gone Case (wasted $40m), OBU Junk (more than half a billion) and now they can't even get a simple bus stop right!

Well Chee Hong Tat may be new to his job (hey almost 2 years already) but he is a highly paid (million dollar annual pay) scholar-Minister! How could he ever keep giving lame excuses for his Ministry's blunders?

I could not believe he can accept such lame explanations from those working under him!

It's simply this, there is a Accountability Deficit in his Ministry. In fact, this is quite wide spread among the PAP Gov. No one really take responsibility and account for stupid mistakes they made but just keep giving lame excuses.

This is NOT a trivial issue but a serious deterioration of Governance under PAP's current leadership.

As politicians, we should provide the competent leadership in governance. We keep the ruling party in check and on their toes.

A leadership with massive Accountability Deficit will erode Public Trust and Confidence.

As I have said, nobody could undermine the Government other than the ruling party political leaders themselves.



GMS extends an invitation. :smile:

Goh Meng Seng

12h ·

“ ” – ’ ’ ( , )

May I have the pleasure to invite all my supporters to the exclusive “Torch Of Hope” fundraising dinner in support of People's Power Party (PPP), an evening dedicated to the cause of democracy, freedom, and the power of the people.

Join us on 16th August (Friday) evening as we gather to celebrate PPP’s 9th Anniversary and our country’s 59th National Day. This fund raising event is crucial to support our party's commitment to build a brighter future for Singapore.


16th August 2024 (Friday)
6.30 pm (registration starts at 6 pm)
Black Society @ 9 Penang Rd, #01-14/18 UBS Building, Singapore 238459 (opposite to Dhoby Ghaut MRT station)
Smart casual
$250/pax (VIP table, limited seats); $150/pax

Grab your seat by 9 August (Friday) before the tables are sold out!


1. Choose a ticket type ($250 or $150). Make payment via paynow QR code on the event e-poster. Take an image of successful payment.

2. Email to us @ [email protected] with the following details:
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You will receive a confirmation email as well as an e-ticket from us upon successful registration.


* Delight in a sumptuous dinner prepared by top chef
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* Speeches, performances, quizzes that will guarantee you a meaningful and enjoyable evening
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Your presence at our fundraising dinner will be a crucial contribution to PPP’s ongoing efforts to build a truly democratic society for Singapore. Be part of our “Torch Of Hope”.

We look forward to welcoming you to this special event.

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People's Power Party stands as a beacon of hope and democratic reform. By supporting PPP, you endorse a movement that prioritizes:
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PPP is committed to driving real changes to achieve Better Quality Life for All Singaporeans. We are the first and only opposition party speaking up on Covid-19 vaccine safety and demanding government accountability. Our party’s other priorities include:

• Population Policy: addressing the population policy that impact every aspect of our life
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• CPF Policy: ensuring a fair review of the Central Provident Fund for retirement financing
• Public Housing Policy: making homeownership more accessible and affordable
• Governance: proactively scrutinizing the quality of governance