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Chitchat 90s HKie Chiobu Elizabeth Lee still fuckable at age 60!



1990s HK actress Elizabeth Lee turns 60 this year and still looks as stunning as ever​

1990s HK actress Elizabeth Lee turns 60 this year and still looks as stunning as ever

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Published February 25, 2024
Updated February 25, 2024
Yet another erstwhile actress has netizens going crazy over her ageless beauty.
Once dubbed “the beauty with electric eyes”, ‘90s screen siren Elizabeth Lee retired from showbiz after marrying Taiwanese businessman Cheng Hsiang Chung in 1996.
Two years later, Elizabeth, who was the runner-up of the 1987 Miss Hong Kong pageant and won the Most Photogenic title, gave birth to a pair of twins Nicole and Johnnie, born one minute apart.
Recently, pics of Elizabeth and her family started circulating online.
Netizens couldn’t help but marvel over her youthful looks and how Elizabeth, who turns 60 in August, is still as stunning as before.
A recent pic of Elizabeth and her family

Her kids, now 25, clearly have inherited her good looks.
Nicole, with her glowing tan, looks athletic, and Johnnie boyish.
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

And it’s not all beauty, the siblings, who currently live in the United States, have the smarts too.
According to reports, Nicole is studying for a Doctorate in Dentistry, while Johnnie is pursuing a Master’s degree in Animal Sciences at Purdue University.

Elizabeth in the 1987 Miss Hong Kong pageant

She's still as gorgeous as ever

Though she starred in a slew of TVB dramas and films like Return Engagement (1990) and The Sword Stained With Royal Blood (1993) and released two albums, Elizabeth was better known for her looks and colourful love life.
Before entering showbiz, Elizabeth briefly dated Peter Lee, the eldest son of Hong Kong real estate tycoon Lee Shau Kee, and was secretly married to actor and lyricist Andrew Lam for five years.
The pair divorced in 1995, but it wasn’t until 2008 when Andrew divorced second wife, actress Brianna Chan, that their union was revealed.

Elizabeth and ex-husband Andrew Lam

Elizabeth and Cheng Hsiang Chung's engagement made headlines

Just a few months after splitting from Andrew, Elizabeth got engaged to Hsiang Chung, a supervisor at TransAsia Airways, and their engagement ceremony, held on board a flight from Taiwan to Macau, caused quite a sensation.
Then, Andrew mocked his ex-wife for "landing a big fish".


What is this thing about living in the States? It seems all these Hongkies ultimate dream is to reside in the States! FFS, don't they have other aspirations?