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70's, 80's 'Feel Good' Music


Alfrescian (Inf)
"Oh Julie" was a number one hit in the UK Singles Chart for one week for Shakin' Stevens in January 1982.
It is Stevens' third number-one single and his first as a writer. The B-side, "I'm Knockin'", was also written by Shakin' Stevens and both tracks benefit from arrangements driven by lead guitarist Mickey Gee. "Oh Julie" also has a cajun flavour courtesy of the accordion backing provided by Geraint Watkins.

Oh, Juli℮! - Shakiη' St℮v℮ηs​



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Paul Mauriat - El Bimbo​

Bimbo Jet was a French euro disco group led by Claude Morgan and Laurent Rossi, that gained international fame during the summers of 1974 and 1975 with the song "El Bimbo". Copy of Afghan legend singer Ahmad Zahir's "Tanha shodam tanha" "El Bimbo" is popular with street musicians and orchestral composers alike, with Paul Mauriat having capitalized well from his own instrumental arrangement in 1975. The song, in a tango arrangement, was also heard in four of the seven Police Academy films starting from the first film up until Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol as the tango song in The Blue Oyster gay bar scenes.
The song "El Bimbo" is used as a theme song for a 1977 Soviet-made anti-war short film named "Polygon" directed by Anatoly Petrov and written by Sever Gansovsky. The lyrics for "El Bimbo" were written by Hal Shaper.
Laurent Rossi is the son of another singer, Tino Rossi "El Bimbo" was released in France in June 1974 on the Pathe-Marconi record label, and in the UK in August 1975. The track went to #1 in France and #12 in the UK Singles Chart. It sold 1.3 million copies in France alone, and throughout the world over three million discs. As well as in France, the tune topped charts in Spain, Italy, Denmark, Turkey and Lebanon. In Argentina it was #2, and was a chart hit in Belgium, Switzerland, Mexico and the United States. The record reached #1 in the Billboard Disco Singles, #2 in the Hot Dance Club Play and #43 in the Hot 100 charts in the U.S.
The group had another hit in mid-1975, particularly in France, with "La Balanga.



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"Bésame Mucho" ("Kiss me a lot") is a song written in 1940 by Mexican songwriter Consuelo Velázquez. A famous version is sung by Trio Los Panchos.
It is one of the most famous boleros, and was recognized in 1999 as the most sung and recorded Mexican song in the world.
The song appeared in the film Follow the Boys (5 May 1944) when it was played by Charlie Spivak and his Orchestra and in Cowboy and the Senorita (13 May 1944) with vocal by Dale Evans
According to Velázquez herself, she wrote this song even though she had never been kissed yet at the time, and kissing, as she heard, was considered a sin.
She was inspired by the piano piece "Quejas, o la Maja y el Ruiseñor", from the 1911 suite Goyescas by Spanish composer Enrique Granados, which he later also included as "Aria of the Nightingale" in his 1916 opera of the same name.
Besame Mucho - Trio Los Panchos

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Silent Circle is a German Eurodisco band that was formed in 1985. It has three members, vocalist Martin Tychsen (Jo Jo Tyson), keyboardist & composer Axel Breitung, and drummer Jürgen Behrens (CC Behrens).
Silent Circle first performed in 1979 but soon parted ways. In the early '80s, the trio reformed and decided to form a more solid group. Hence, that marked the beginning of Silent Circle. Their first single, "Hide Away - Man is Comin'!", gained considerable limelight followed by a number of other successful singles like "Touch in the Night", "Stop the Rain", "Love is Just a Word" and "Time for Love". In 1986, they released their first album No. 1, consisting of 11 songs. The album was launched under the Blow-Up label of Intercord Company.Meanwhile, Harald Shaefer replaced Axel Breitung for public performances, and the band's founder and leader then devoted himself totally to writing and producing new songs.
In 1987, 2 singles were released on Teldec, "Danger Danger" and "Oh, Don't Lose Your Heart Tonight". In 1990, another album was released by Silent Circle, containing 10 songs, two being from 1987 and two being remixes. In 1993, a compilation entitled Best Of Silent Circle was released and contained only remixed and other versions of their old songs. In 1994, a new album was released entitled Back, containing 12 new songs. In 1998, they released another album entitled Stories 'bout Love containing 12 new songs.

Silent Circle-Touch In The Night