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70's, 80's 'Feel Good' Music


Alfrescian (Inf)
Sir Roger Moore, James Bond actor, dies aged 89
23 May 2017

Actor Sir Roger Moore, best known for playing James Bond, has died aged 89, his family has announced.

He played the famous spy in seven Bond films including Live and Let Die and A View to a Kill.

Sir Roger's family confirmed the news on Twitter, saying he had died after "a short but brave battle with cancer".

The statement, from his children, read: "Thank you Pops for being you, and being so very special to so many people."

"With the heaviest of hearts, we must share the awful news that our father, Sir Roger Moore, passed away today. We are all devastated," they said in a Twitter post.



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"Ai No Corrida" is a song by the English singer and multi-instrumentalist Chaz Jankel, written by Jankel and Kenny Young. It was first recorded in 1980 and featured on Chaz Jankel's debut album Chas Jankel for A&M Records.
"Ai No Corrida" was a song written by Chaz Jankel and Kenny Young, first recorded in 1980 and featured on Jankel's self-titled debut album for A&M Records. The title of the song was taken from the Japanese name Ai no Korīda of the French-Japanese film In the Realm of the Senses; and it means "Bullfight (Spanish: corrida) of Love". The erotic art film, directed by Nagisa Oshima, was a fictionalized and sexually explicit treatment of an incident from 1930s Japan. It generated great controversy during its original release; it was intended for mainstream wide release, but it contained scenes of unsimulated sexual activity between the actors.
The song was covered by Quincy Jones in 1981 on his album The Dude, with vocals by Dune (a.k.a. Charles May) and Patti Austin. Jones's version peaked at #28 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and #10 on the R&B chart. In the UK it peaked at #14 in May 1981.
Jerry Hey and Quincy Jones received the 1982 Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s) for their recording of this song.
Quincy Jones also recorded a Spanish-language version for the 2006 charity album Rhythms del mundo, with vocals by Vania Borges.
The British dance act Uniting Nations released the song as their third single from the band album One World after the success of Out of Touch" and "You and Me".
The song featured the vocals of Laura More of Eric Prydz and "Call On Me" fame. The backing vocals are from Steve M. Smith and Yolanda Quartey. The song was produced by Essex Buddha with Hat Ritson as sample replay producer.
The UK release was on November 7, 2005 and came in 12" vinyl, in enhanced CD (which included the video).


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James Last: Big band leader dies at 86
10 June 2015

The German-born musician's manager said he died at his home "peacefully and in the presence of his family".
Last sold millions of records with his trademark "happy music" - upbeat versions of pop and classical favourites performed by his orchestra.
He appeared at the Royal Albert Hall in the spring as part of a farewell tour he announced after becoming seriously ill last year.

Last started his music career in the 1960s, making instrumental recordings as James Last and His Orchestra - a big band with additional strings and a choir.
Born Hans Last, his record company changed his name to James to make him sound less German when his debut album came out in the UK. He was not consulted about the change - but went along with it.
During his career, he charted with 65 albums in Britain alone, and at his peak was creating two albums a month.
He gained a large and loyal fanbase - but was derided by many music purists who did not like his middle-of-the-road versions of classic tunes.
His illness took a "life-threatening" turn last September and apparently forced him to face the fact that "a man full of plans, needs to not just slow down but give up his life on tour altogether".
That led him to announce his final British shows - his 89th and 90th concerts at London's Royal Albert Hall - which took place in March.
"I can't talk about goodbye - it's a terrible feeling," he told the BBC at the time.
On Wednesday, the musician's manager said: "Mr Last passed away yesterday in Florida, peacefully and in the presence of his family.
"In him, the world loses a unique ambassador whose expressive and all-encompassing language was music.
"We bid farewell to the man, friend and visionary, who by his impressive strength and openness, his professionalism, modesty and love of life served as a role model and as an inspiration for many generations worldwide."



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"White Horse" is a 1983 song written by Tim Stahl and John Guldberg of the Danish duo Laid Back. The song was released as the B-side of their single "Sunshine Reggae" which became a major hit in several European countries. In the US, the A-side was mainly ignored and it was the B-side that became most successful. It was released as a single and went on to spend three weeks at number one on the Dance Charts. The single also made the top five on the R&B singles chart and peaked at number 26 on the Billboard Hot 100. Although being played in European clubs, it failed to chart there when re-released as an A-side.

Laid Back - White Horse​