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69 year old Singapore lady commits suicide due to financial distress

How come nobody every ask ?

How come Even Singapore claim to have the HiTech Medical Equipment, Skillful, Know how Doctor, Specialist… ? and still can't find out the cos of Sickness?
That's capitalism and democracy for you, with Western for-profit medicine thrown in. Are you a communist?


Alfrescian (Inf)
It's an extremely sad but cruel fact of life in Singapore that many Singaporeans are in great financial distress due to the government policies which offer few social welfare benefits compared to other less developed nations.

Only the rich and powerful get richer & continue to live in luxury while the rest of the " lesser mortals " live in misery, continue to waste away and ultimately, die in poverty.
Let's face it. The rich and powerful do not even realise the lesser mortals existance.

Eg When Singaporeans buy the iPhones, do they think of the Foxconn assembly workers hardship such that they commit suicide?

So it is the same with the rich. Cannot blame them, they cannot relate to the lesser people's way of life. In some case, they taunt at the poorer people. Eg Singapore tourists when visiting poorer Asian countries making fun of street vendors who approach their coaches to sell things.

That is the Inconvenient Truth.

Get your pitiful face off my sight!

"I dunno what to say and just have to agree."​
TPL joined the elites already,does she know your pitiful existence?
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Simple....They are only trained to deal with symptoms never the root cause, whereas can they expect to generate continuous income? cure root cause of sickness= stop going back for more appointments=no income generated. Got it?:wink:
mmm… Logical & True. glade to hear some one still got their Brain intact & not Brain Washed, even when they turn Green. :smile:
and the Doc doesn't seem interested in know the the root of sickness too. Many be they know something that we don't or they don't want to know ?


That's capitalism and democracy for you, with Western for-profit medicine thrown in. Are you a communist?
Your question are kinda… similar to what I am going to ask you too.

Are YOU a Banana that loosen you skin, and going Banana to NUTz ?

any way just to please you… my answer to you is "NO". But I am really Man In Black from other plant NUTs to SAVE YOU Butter BUTTy.
Stroke survival - Singapore
financial stress !
1.No insurance
2.No social suppt from Govt
3.Depend on loan to survive - Stroke chronic disease because 1 leg 1 hand operate
4 No Job

How to survival in SG ??


My ex-classmate migrated to Artic Canada; cold like fu*k(minus 30C during winter). He said see doctor no need money one; specialist and hospitalisation oso no need to pay leh..........all free - like no need to pay money one(F.O.C.) No need to sell house, sell car, sell backside, sell whatever.......therefore no need to die one. If need to sell everything to be cured, if cured oso must die one. I asked him where got so good one. I told him there is no free lunch one.