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2 Sinkies with Australian passport missing after Taiwan earthquake



Taiwan earthquake: Missing Singaporean couple last seen alighting from bus to sightsee that morning​

Taiwan earthquake: Missing Singaporean couple last seen alighting from bus to sightsee that morning

A netizen posted a photo of missing Singaporeans Neo Siew Choo and Sim Hwee Kok on Saturday, asking for contact details of their family and friends.

PHOTO: Facebook/花蓮地震救災即時資訊

The two Singaporeans reported missing in the aftermath of the 7.4-magnitude earthquake in Hualien were reportedly on a sightseeing trip that fateful morning.

Neo Siew Choo and Sim Hwee Kok, both in their 40s, had boarded a tourist shuttle bus at 6.30am on Wednesday (April 3), reported 8world.

Neo and Sim are both Singaporeans with Australian passports.

They were supposed to arrive at Tianxiang in Hualian at 8am, but had alighted midway during the trip. Their location remains unknown.

Taiwanese police have tried to locate the couple via their mobile phones, but have been unsuccessful. Authorities have also contacted the bus driver to get more information regarding their last whereabouts.

A photo of Neo and Sim was uploaded on the Hualien Earthquake Relief information Facebook group on early Saturday morning by Wang, a 54-year-old in Taiwan who is a volunteer with the search team.

He had posted on Facebook appealing for help to contact the couple's friends and relatives in Singapore.

In his post, he also asked for the couple's contact information and social media accounts, which could help with the search.
Speaking to 8world, Wang said: "It's now the golden 72 hours for rescue. If they are still alive and awaiting rescue, time is very precious.

"[But] we don't know where they are so we can't deploy rescue workers. I hope we can find their family, friends, or anyone who knows them - especially anyone that they've previously contacted.

"This is so we can find out their approximate location to conduct a search."

Assistance provided to their families​

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) said they are in close contact with the Singapore Trade Office in Taipei, reported The Straits Times on Friday (April 5).

Both entities have also contacted Neo and Sim's families in Singapore and are providing assistance to them.

MFA is also providing assistance to the eight Singaporeans who have been rescued. Two of them suffered minor injuries and have received help from Taiwanese authorities.

The Ministry also urged Singaporeans in Taiwan and those who are travelling there to e-register with MFA at https://eregister.mfa.gov.sg and to purchase comprehensive travel insurance.

Singaporeans who require consular assistance in Taiwan may call the Singapore Trade Office in Taipei at +886 2 2772 1940 or via its emergency hotline +886 953 532 638.
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syed putra

PAP does not recognise dual citizenship. If it happens, I think sinkie citizenship automatically revoked.


Alfrescian (Inf)
Couples should go to a place with a 9.0 magnitude earthquake, enjoy the shaking which will be remembered for the rest (or what's left) of their lives.