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Sinkie chiobu architect gone missing in Spain


Alfrescian (Inf)
“So far, the only unusual thing is that she did not share her flight and hotel details with the family, which she usually does,” Ms Lee added.

Something fishy going on here. Top secret rendezvous with spanish lover?

Dancing the flamenco with her Spanish yandao.



I just find it weird the authorities of both countries are unable to retrieve the records of her watzapp or whatever comms app/email she was using in this day and age...really as much as technology has progressed you are on your own when shit hits the fan...
Maybe she use Telegram?

Scrooball (clone)

But that doesn't mean she's less chip then others.
We have heart for people. We are still trying to find her until she's being found.
Usually the murderer will be the most ‘helpful’ at the initial stages.

Why don’t u just lead us to your storeroom. Then mystery will be solved.


I think she posted a fake photo of her on facebook and when the guy turned up......
The pic she used