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Chitchat 1st World Prices 3rd World Standards - Celede Ondeh Ondeh Cake Got Crockroach



Cedele apologises after customer finds live cockroach crawling on boxed Ondeh Ondeh cake bought from Waterway Point outlet​

The customer shared on Facebook that she had sent prior messages which the company said had been overlooked due to a 'system error'.​

Ronald Goh
Ronald Goh
·News and Lifestyle Producer
Mon, 1 April 2024 at 3:19 am GMT-7

Screen grab of live cockroach found on Ondeh Ondeh cake bought from Cedele Waterway Point (Photos: Facebook/Joey Tan)

Screen grab of live cockroach found on Ondeh Ondeh cake bought from Cedele Waterway Point (Photos: Facebook/Joey Tan)
SINGAPORE — A live cockroach was found 'roaming around' the box of an Ondeh Ondeh cake ordered by a customer from Cedele at Waterway Point in Punggol.
In a post shared on the Facebook group Complaint Singapore on 31 March, Joey Tan said she had bought the cake for a birthday celebration. It was kept in the fridge right after she brought it home.
She later opened up the cake box to find the live cockroach inside. According to her, she proceeded to contact Cedele via email, WhatsApp and Facebook messenger, but was unable to reach them.
Videos and photos from the post show the moving cockroach, as well as screenshots of text messages Tan sent to Cedele's number on WhatsApp.

Company apologises, to take full responsibility​

In response to Yahoo Southeast Asia's queries on Monday (1 April), Cedele apologised for Tan's "poor experience" and said it will take full responsibility for the incident.
"A system error had led to the oversight of the customer’s complaint and messages, and we immediately reached out to them once the inquiry was brought to our attention," Cedele said.
The company is in the process of closing the matter amicably with the customer. It also said it takes the issue of food hygiene and quality customer service "very seriously".
Cedele added that it is always looking at ways to make improvements to elevate its hygiene and service protocols, infrastructure, and standards.
"We are grateful that this incident was brought to light and that we have been given the opportunity to correct what was wrong. Once again, we apologise for this unfortunate incident," said Cedele.
Yahoo has reached out to the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) and the customer for further details.
Separately, another woman also found a cockroach in her soy milk drink in March. Cockroaches were also found in a Pepper Lunch food delivery order last August.


Alfrescian (Inf)
Once upon a time, bakeries were family-owned businesses. Not franchises, not multiple outlets islandwide that are staffed by FTs. :cool:


So many independent home bakers on Carousell, even now after Covid I am still getting enquiries...so if you live by the sword and trust the establishment where everything is made in factories, be ready to die by it as well by ingestion cockroaches, e coli and what's not