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    Yoga instructor helped himself to the breasts of female student during lesson

    This "foreign talent" Yoga instructor from South Asia AKA India molested a female student by cupping her breasts and pinching her nipples. If I catch this guy doing that to my sister or gf or female friends, Im going to pinch n twist his until they become flowers! URL removed
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    Serious John Tan Has Been Poisoned By Breakcock! Help Me!

    Im going to stay away for a while...
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    Two Men Arrested for Sailing into Singapore Illegally

    2 men caught entering Singapore illegally using sampan... row row row your boat, gently into mata's arm... https://www.powermoneywomen.com/blog/two-men-arrested-for-sailing-into-singapore-illegally
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    Chitchat Trump Kim Summit June 12th Singapore.

    OMG...that yellow underwear gay
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    Chitchat Trump Kim Summit June 12th Singapore.

    It's like the big face meets the big hair....I wonder if Trump famous hairdo can hold its shape in our humid weather.... https://www.powermoneywomen.com/blog/kim-and-trump-in-singapore-why-we-were-chosen-facts-and-information
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    Singapore hotel staycation photo website

    wow, not bad..thinking of doing a local staycation this time with my girl.
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    Travel photo

    wow. thats nice. Never been there yet..one day...
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    Any muscular kickboxer/ fighter available for hire as a male escort?

    Wa sai! If i let u hit me, i cant confirm I will only hit you back in 1 punch. LOL
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    Serious [ Singapore News ] Beware of Indian : Indian Singaporean Snake Tried To Use Stun Gun On SPF Police

    This Indian man was found behaving suspiciously, tried to escape police by flashing stun gun....win liao.
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    A Singaporean's guide to living in Thailand

    Wa lau...the food looks damn awesome...
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    Calling all those Anti-Amos fans...how to destroy him once & for all...

    Amos Yee this time really si liao....with his YOUtube terminated, how can we stop him once and for all?? Bwahahaha!
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    Dr Goes on trial for raping patient...or is it not?

    This doctor is accused of raping his 23 year old patient...but no evidence...hmmm.. https://www.powermoneywomen.com/blog/doctor-wee-teong-boo-goes-on-trial-for-raping-23-year-old-patient-evidence-and-witness-presented-no-semen-found-no-dna-and-no-blood-found