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Yoga instructor helped himself to the breasts of female student during lesson


This "foreign talent" Yoga instructor from South Asia AKA India molested a female student by cupping her breasts and pinching her nipples.

If I catch this guy doing that to my sister or gf or female friends, Im going to pinch n twist his until they become flowers!

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Alfrescian (Inf)

The court heard that the woman went for a class at the Real Yoga studio in Tampines with Rakesh, on April 26th, last year, and found that she was the only student there.
She said that during the lesson, Rakesh, then 23, told the woman to adopt a forward bending pose, while seated on the floor with her legs outstretched. Minutes after her lesson started, Rakesh allegedly cupped her left breast.
She hit his hand and told him not to touch her breasts, but he remained undeterred and continued to pinched her breast and told her to bend lower, threatening to pinch her even harder if she did not do as told, she said.
Later, he told the victim to spread her legs while sitting and get her chest to touch the floor. He then slipped his left hand into the left side of her sports bra and tried to squeeze her breast, but she knocked his arm away. Thats when he smiled and told her, “It’s not like there’s anything to touch.”.After the class ended, Rakesh sat in front of the victim, smiled, and asked why he could not touch her breasts. As she was leaving the studio, Rakesh allegedly grabbed the back of her neck.Video footage of the incidents captured on closed-circuit television, were played in court.