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  1. Only in America, other CUNTries, no way.
  2. Topless sunbathing issue bores NSW govt
  3. Post-2008: The decline of the middle class in the G8
  4. The decline of USA: Is Obama up to the challenge?
  5. China/USA: Is China breaking away from USD
  6. Worrying: Is US dollars worthless?
  7. US record homeless
  8. USA: the perfect union
  9. USA: The dreams of our founders will live on.
  10. Whole british economy to collapse
  11. Dodgy DBS - Lehman Deposit....
  12. Why USA is a unique country
  13. China Student decapitated in US campus
  14. Greatest US depression:Foreigner workers asked to leave country
  15. Prepare for a longer Aussie Recession
  16. Yankees who lose their jobs end up in kiing spree
  17. USA: Greedy and Corrupted Pigs Are Ruining America
  18. Shocking! Global Financial Crisis hit home !
  19. This CUNTry worst hit by financial crisis
  20. US economy a 'disaster' for American families
  21. USA: State of California is bankrupted!
  22. pay 8p a mth for mortgage. ai mai???
  23. Social unrest danger - China asks military to obey party
  24. Heaviest Snow in UK for 18 years
  25. Obama flight US$40000/hr costed US$600,000,000 of tax
  26. Macy's to cut 7,000 jobs
  27. US banks seek foreign workers for high-paying jobs
  28. China add to global jobs gloom
  29. Violent unrest rocks China as crisis hits
  30. Sea levels will rise by 60 CM by century end
  31. China urges unity against 'disaster'
  32. How Norway manages its Sovereign Fund with TRANSPARENCY
  33. China's Debt Mount Up
  34. Rudd's $42billion NationBuilding and Jobs plan
  35. Oz mortgage payers and people who want to purchase properties can start smiling.
  36. Clinton sworn in as US secretary of state
  37. CNY 1st Day Iran launched 1st Satellite
  38. yet another Obama cabinet scandal - did not pay tax! finished!
  39. Shooting up Police Station & threw Grenade!
  40. Place all your international news clippings here
  41. Barack Obama: "I screwed up."
  42. Economic slump : Qantas reports 68% profit drop, unveils share issue
  43. Economic slump : Huge fourth-quarter loss for Motorola
  44. Economic slump : US Fed extends crisis measures by six months
  45. Economic slump : Hongkong PCCW plans to lay off staff
  46. Economic slump : Sharp to log first-ever operating loss, says report
  47. Economic slump : BHP Billiton profit slumps 56.5%
  48. Obama warns of "catastrophe"
  49. BOE slashes interest rate to 315yr low.
  50. ROC Parliament Building Caved in 20cm - Hotel New World?
  51. HAHA is the end for Chritianity in America!! Hail Obama!!
  52. Aussie saved from jaws of raging heat!!!!
  53. Hillary Clinton to visit Japan, South Korea, China and Indonesia...
  54. Is good to see US Secretary of State Hillary put Allah above all :)
  55. Economic crisis : Intel to close Shanghai plant amid global crisis
  56. Canada: Gun Violence, Shootings 'Unacceptable' in BC
  57. UFO confirmed man-made and Soviet involved
  58. Dubai's edifice complex is falling on hard times
  59. Workers struggle as China's factories slow
  60. Crisis to hit China more than India - ADB
  61. IMF Says Advanced Economies Already in Depression
  62. Economic crisis : 50% chance of depression in US
  63. Economic crisis : The UK economy plunged further into recession
  64. Job cuts : GM to fire professional workers
  65. Economic crisis : Canada lost a record 129,000 jobs last month as the unemployment ra
  66. Economic crisis : US may have cut too many jobs
  67. 3 more US Banks BITES THE DUST
  68. neddy, are u okay??
  69. Escaped teen found hiding in the trunk of a judge's car!
  70. Would you return money you find on the road?
  71. Earthquake hits Metro Vancouver
  72. One ring of fire to bind them all
  73. Nissan to shed 20,000 jobs as recession woes mount
  74. Even an inflatable rat has free speech!
  75. Nothing like a disaster to bring out the true human spirit
  76. Nobel Economist: Communism only way to solve financial crisis
  77. Stocks plunge as Obama govt unveils bailout plan
  78. Obama recovery Plan: Invest first in USA
  79. Hongkong strikes : Hundreds of PCCW contract workers go on half-day strike in HK
  80. Economic crisis : Philippine exports plunge 40% in December
  81. U.S. judges seek massive California jailhouse prisoner release
  82. Economic crisis : UBS loss biggest in Swiss corporate history
  83. 8 yr old girl starved dead after dental
  84. Charles Darwin proved right again
  85. BODOH! Abdullah & Sultan Malacca TRAPPED in LIFT!
  86. 鮑魚罐頭過期7年 民眾怒投訴
  87. ARRESTED for Kangaroo BBQ!!!!
  88. 3rd Withdrawal from Obama's Cabinet
  89. The great tragedy..
  90. 13-year-old becomes a father
  91. Man awarded $1.3-million from taxman
  92. Obama killed another 25 in Pakistan
  93. China:We might not finance your stimulus plan
  94. Update:21 States declare sovereignty.
  95. Vic Bushfire : Singapore blamed?
  96. Taleban release Chinese engineer
  97. Space junk misses Calgary
  98. V-Day M16 lethal shoot out over a girl
  99. PRC Indian GDP approaching USA Japan's
  100. Singapore Airlines suspends flights to Vancouver
  101. French & British Nuclear Subs Clashed twice in Atlantic
  102. Taiwanese troubled DRAM makers cause split in bail-out plan
  103. Economic Crisis : Why the Stock Market Keeps Plummeting
  104. US Banks to Be Nationalized?
  105. California to go bankrupt! raises taxes through roof
  106. Attorney General:Racial self-segregation is pervasive in the USA
  107. Only in America: Dennys Restaurant Feeds 2 Million People For Free!
  108. Economic Crisis : BIG TROUBLE AT UK MINI FACTORY
  109. Security threat : Citibank under bomb threat
  110. USA's antiquated tax code-A hedge fund manager's perspective
  111. Succcess At Last:California Saved by Raising GST 1%(Still lower than Australia,UK)
  112. Only in America: Apply for Credit Card & Get 12K in Free Airline Tickets
  113. Shanghai hospital records jump in patients undergoing cosmetic surgery
  114. Swiss bank to release 1000s of American names
  115. Economic crisis : The End of Swiss Banking as We Knew it?
  116. Ponzi scams : Stanford Served by the FBI
  117. Nearly 5 million Americans drawing jobless benefits
  118. 66000 MILLIONAIRES vanished in HK!!!!!
  119. Scams : Visa Fraud Sparks Arrests Nationwide
  120. The Recession of 1958
  121. The Crash of '29
  122. Worst Wildfire in Australian history
  123. Justice Department sued UBS AG to obtain access to 52,000 U.S. clients
  124. No one home: 1 in 9 housing units vacant
  125. February could be worst month yet for jobless claims
  126. Job cuts : Goodyear cutting nearly 5,000 jobs after Q4 loss
  127. Economic crisis : Walt Disney restructures theme parks, cuts jobs
  128. Bank Bailouts, Sinking Revenue Fray U.K.'s Ledger
  129. Crisis : Bank Bailouts, Sinking Revenue Fray U.K.'s Ledger
  130. Inflation Signs Will Likely Be a Mirage
  131. Exposed : Secret CIA Base For Drone Raids
  132. The Fourth World War
  133. UBS refuses US demand
  134. UFO files to be released under Obama Open Government Memoranda
  135. Times are bad, bus lane so what!
  136. Japanese woman impregnated with wrong egg
  137. British train station bans kissing to make the facility more 'efficient'
  138. Monkey Business in USA: Ex-Aussie in trouble over Obongo
  139. Britiannia Rules : Another Titanic sink$
  140. "Rich" Yankees Defaulting on Home Loans. Siao Liao!
  141. america in state of collapse
  142. In America, you pay for your neighbour's mortgage as well
  143. America is Recovering: Home Sales Increase
  144. Migrants:America is House Paradise! Prices are becoming more Affordable Every Day.
  145. uncle Sam BANKRUPT!!!!! goes after tax payers for money
  146. In America You Do Not Pay Your Neighbor's Mortgage. Poor Imperialarms.
  147. Dow Drop to 6-Year Low May Spur More Losses, Chart Analysts Say
  148. SOROS: World financial system has effectively disintegrated
  149. Asian Americans - The racist war in USA is not over.
  150. Bush may have paved the way for USA recovery
  151. Clinton went Beijing to push US BONDs =Lehman?
  152. Al-Qaeda founder launches fierce attack on Osama bin Laden
  153. Clinton Asking CHINA to BUY US DEBT ! Mortgage !!!!
  154. crimewave hits China with the ongoing economic crisis
  155. India to Pass China as Fastest-Growing Major Economy
  156. French tourist killed, 20 wounded in Egypt attack
  157. Economic crisis : Soros sees no bottom for world financial "collapse"
  158. Economic crisis : Calling a bottom for U.S. industrials? Not so fast
  159. Economic crisis : Nationalisation of banks
  160. Beijing reported the lowest key for Hillary Clinton visit
  161. 发啦! MicroSHIT gave extra Retrecnment Ang Pao!!1
  162. HK Madam Superintendent use DNA to catch 10 old rape case
  163. Obama can be worst than PAP
  164. NASA fucked up US$280million Satellite Launch fell to South Pole
  165. Australian Tax Authorities Looking for UBS Clients.
  166. Migrants Beware of Australian Tax Authority. Getting Worse
  167. Migrants,In Australia they will Tax you more if you Flush Toilet Often!
  168. MiniBond Riots two cases on same day @ HK Banks
  169. Turkish plane crashes while landing in Amsterdam
  170. RCMP refuses to apologize at Taser inquiry
  171. Children find newborn girl in Tesco bag outside London flat
  172. Sex with boy 'biggest mistake' of mum's life
  173. 3,000 kilos of 'hot meat' seized in Balintawak
  174. Another proof US has lower taxes than OZ
  175. Obama increase tax for the rich.
  176. Russian bombers intercepted on eve of Obama visit
  177. Family of 17-year-old files TB lawsuit
  178. ROC Govt RETRENCHED 6000!!
  179. Obama wants you to pay for her mortgage. Uniquely USA.
  180. Anti Asian Hanson Running for Parliament in Australia in 2009
  181. OH Bama! destroys America
  182. British PM wants Obama to save the World
  183. hard times more U.S. women try to sell their eggs
  184. Lucky Country ?! Who ?
  185. Author of Racist Obama Chimp Cartoon is Australian!Being sent back to Oz!
  186. FDIC bankrupt, massive bank runs in USA imminent.
  187. Is Australia another America? 22,500 in NSW alone lost their Home to Foreclosure
  188. Poor Imperialarms....UK is Bankrupt, Prints Money to Pay Pay for Debt, Worse than USA
  189. What do Americans really think of Obama??
  190. another instance of racism in America.typical typical.
  191. CNBC:Greatest wealth destruction by any president.OBONGO.
  192. Imperialarms is a Buffoon,Lost alot of $$$ in Markets.
  193. Large Amount of Wealth Transfer Immiment in USA:Obama is a Genius.Sorry Imperialarms
  194. What Americans Really think of Obama: Mr Popularity, Most Admired President @ Day 46
  195. Go to usa and become bankrupt!!!!!
  196. Doctor Found Dead In Melbourne
  197. USA in economic Free-Fall, failed state imminent
  198. Highly educated migrants leaving USA in droves
  199. USA Not In Economic Free Fall Failed State Impossible, Sorry Again Imperialarms
  200. USA is Great:Govt Forces Companies to Fire/Ban FTs! Imperialarms is a sore Loser!
  201. UK in Economic Free Fall-Failed State Immienent
  202. Are you Under 30? Asian? Go to #1 USA and Collect Massive $$$ To be Egg Donor!
  203. 651,000 jobs lost as US hits 25-year jobless high
  204. Banking meltdown drags Iceland into recession
  205. 651,000 jobs lost as US hits 25-year jobless high
  206. Stanford professor: As a nation, America is finished.
  207. Wah lookies here. Everyone a billionaire in America!LOL
  208. Stanford Professor: As a Nation America is NOT Finsished. Sorry again Imperialarms!
  209. The Startling Truth: 95% of Americans getting a Tax Cut! Imperiarms is a Bufoon
  210. UK to Obama: Please Help We are Becoming Very Poor. Imperialarms to become Beggar
  211. Success for America: Obama's Plan Already Saving Jobs. Imperialarms begging on Street
  212. Sam Spam Alert from IMPERIALARM ALL ANTI-USA Pls BAN HIM
  213. Morgan Stanley predicts economic collapse worse than depression
  214. Mortgage Giants’ Collapse Could Herald 1930’s Style Depression
  215. Bailout Money - Instead is just Going to Line the Pockets of the Wealthy
  216. Where'd the bailout money go? Shhhh, it's a secret
  217. Good News for USA:Obama's Plan Already Saving Jobs
  218. Revealed: police databank on thousands of protesters
  219. Most of the Bailout Money Will go to Middle Class
  220. Taxpayers Furious With Budget Cuts Take Frustration To Streets Of NYC
  221. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Stable After 400 Billion Pumped In
  222. The U.S. Financial System Is Effectively Insolvent
  223. BBC: Some residents ‘furious’ over NYC terror checks
  224. The UK is Bankrupt, begs USA for Help
  225. Roubini: Banking System is “Bankrupt”, “Effectively Insolvent”
  226. US Fed Chief: Recession to end in 2009, Recovery in 2010
  227. War On IQ: Fluoride And Mercury In Vaccines
  228. Vaccines kill innocent children!
  229. Group With Big Pharma Ties Wants to Shut Down Vaccine “Conspiracy Theories”
  230. Morgan Stanley Says the UK is in a Great Depression Much Worse than 1930s in USA
  231. horrible racism against asians in america:mocking their eyes.
  232. Imperialarms lost it All in UK! All Banks crumble!
  233. Bible failed to save pastor's live, 1 of 4 bullets stopped
  234. Bankrupt yankee land is a killer zone!!!!!
  235. Usa is on the verge of collapse!!!!!
  236. US economic dominance 'may be over'
  237. Horse bites off testicle.
  238. Singapore should be Finished soon following the US
  239. China - USA's banker, and why USD as a reserve currency is doomed
  240. PRC mata beautiful and effective - World Class !
  241. When Yankees goes BROKE
  242. The American Recovery is Underway.....
  243. Corrupted us officials get death threats.
  244. White Pride World Day
  245. The American Recovery is Underwear.....
  246. American Racism moving towards Obama
  247. Israel tiny soft party joined tough core govt
  248. Malaysia Boleh! Drug Raid of Nacotic Plant found 1Billion pills
  249. America is Booming Again. Homes Sales, Consumer Index All Up. Stock Market up 22%
  250. Hk 李嘉誠否認「隻手遮天」