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Chitchat Yandao Michael Wong's Son Looks Like Shit because of Coolie Genes Sinkie Mum!



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“It’s your father's fault for being too handsome”: Michael Wong’s son critcised for lacking his dad's good looks​

“It’s your father's fault for being too handsome”: Michael Wong’s son critcised for lacking his dad's good looks

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Published March 23, 2024
Updated March 23, 2024
Back in the 90s’, Hong Kong actor Michael Wong and his brothers Russell and Declan were well-known idols largely due to their pan-Asian looks.
But we are guessing Michael’s youngest son, Kadin, whom he shares with wife Janet Ma, is feeling firsthand the downside of having a handsome father.
The 23-year-old aspiring model is giving acting a shot and is set to appear in short film, Bloody Party.
After some of Kadin’s modelling headshots were posted online, netizens were quick to pick on his looks… or lack thereof.
Some even went as far as to say Kadin is a “far cry” compared to his father, with one writing, “It’s your dad’s fault for being too handsome.”
Another netizen commented, “Kadin might be younger, but I still want his dad.”
However, a couple of supporters retaliated by tagging clothing brands in a couple of his latest posts.
“@lacoste I found your future model,” wrote an online user.
Michael also threw his support behind Kadin, reposting one of his pictures with the caption, “He’s our COOL.”
Who knows? Maybe Kadin might have more success as an actor than Michael?
Michael and Janet are also parents to two older daughters, Kayla and Irisa, though we don’t remember their appearances to receive such backlash.


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