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y sinkie girls cannot wear cheap hdb retail shop type cheap bra?


so this morning I did laundry and asked housemate whether she got anything to add to the washing machine load as they were still space. she went to her laundry basket, took out some Calvin Klein bras, put them into some form of laundry bra bag and have it to me and said thanks.
before i threw that bra bag into the washing machine, i secretly unzipped the laundry bra bag to double confirm that what I saw was indeed Calvin Klein and not some pirated ones..Confirm they were branded and sort of smell and look sexy. i.sort of had some hard on but resisted really putting them in contact on my nose and mouth ...

anyway i wonder why she waste money on these branded bras ... those hdb retail shop type bra not good enough for her meh?

Two things here.

Firstly, she is dropping you a hint of what she want for her next Birthday.

Secondly, she's thinking of giving you a boob job. So what are you waiting for?