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WTF! Big company like PHILIIPS also out to cheat customers with redemption scam!!

Discussion in 'The Courtyard Café' started by BusNo64, Apr 29, 2012.

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    Big or small companies, they are always trying to cheat customers with all sorts of scams. Customers should not just keep quiet and accept being cheated by them, but write to ST, stomps, post on facebook and forums to expose their shameful scams. Fucking Philips, shame on you!!!!:eek:Io::eek:Io::eek:Io::eek:Io::eek:Io:

    PHILIPS dishonouring their promo
    Submitted by Jocelynk on April 26, 2012 - 11:20am

    I was looking for a hair straightener at Tangs Orchard in January, and was approached by a sales assistant from Philips. He recommended me one, which came with a Free 6months magazine subscription and told me it was a very good deal. Thinking it was, i bought it!

    Upon payment, the sales assistant handed me a redemption form for my free mag, which was to be faxed to Philips office.

    I have faxed the form over to the incharge Mr Donald Tan thrice (as i did not receive any confirmation from him), and even mailed the form to their office just a week before the submission deadline, just to be sure. There was'nt any number to call on the form, just a fax number.

    February passed, i still have not heard from Philips, and so i decided to call the office to find out if they have processed my subscription. And to my surprise, the lady who answered said she is unaware of this promo, and that i should call the magazine company instead. I was kinda peeved at that, even if this lady was not aware of this promo, she could transfer my call to the relevant department, rather than asking me to find out bout it myself from the magazine company? Like hello, am i not the paying customer here? But the conversation with this lady was futile, and so i had to call SPH(singapore press holdings), and was told that the incharge of this promo Mr Donald Tan, did not pay them for the magazines, therefore there is nothing they can do.

    This is just ridiculous, offering customers freebies that are not even paid for yet/confirmed. And its been a month since the end of the promo, surely Mr Tan should have processed the number of customers who are entitled for this freebie, right? Or is Philips not even intending to give out this freebie in the first place?

    I then, called Philips up thrice to find out about this matter, all 3 times i was tended to by the customer service officers who all said they will check and get back to me, or they are currently following up with the case. This dragged on till April. I can't believe how inefficient Philips is, thats if they are really checking up on my case. And not to mention, I feel extremely unvalued as a customer, to have my case dismissed/brushed away like Im a cheapo customer begging for my freebie or sth?

    What angers me most is not about not getting the freebie, but rather how Philips handled the situation. Its just disappointing such a big organization like them do not honour their promo. Or are giveaways just advertised to entice customers to buy their products and then after customer made their purchase, they will be treated in this manner. I feel so cheated. And Mr Tan has been most irresponsible, not once has he called me to apologise for any inconvenience or whatsoever.

    Geez. This is really inethical and just poor poor customer service Philips is providing.
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