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WP & PSP congratulate Lawrence Wong ahead of swearing-in & thank PM Lee for his service


WP & PSP congratulate Lawrence Wong ahead of swearing-in & thank PM Lee for his service

In statements on social media, the Worker's Party (WP) and the Progress Singapore Party (PSP) congratulated the incoming prime minister, Lawrence Wong, ahead of his swearing-in ceremony tonight (May 15).
The two opposition parties also thanked Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong for his 20 years of service as prime minister.
WP and PSP are the only opposition parties with sitting members in parliament.

Voters expect greater transparency and say: WP​

In a statement on May 15, signed by WP Secretary-General and Leader of the Opposition Pritam Singh, the party thanked PM Lee for his "long years" of public service, including his 20 years as prime minister.
WP offered their congratulations and best wishes to Lawrence Wong on his appointment, but also mentioned the "challenging" road which lies ahead.
"Mr Wong is taking over the leadership of our nation during an era of greater political contestation, with voters expecting greater transparency, and a greater say in public policies."
The statement also mentioned the "unpredictable" external environment and the "significant generational shifts" domestically before adding:
"To meet these challenges, a greater diversity of voices by way of elected opposition members in Parliament can be an important stabiliser for our politics, a source of strength, and expression of confidence in our people and our nation."
WP wished Wong "the very best" as he steps into his new role, and committed to advancing the interests of Singapore and its people by continuing to play its legislative role.

A new beginning: PSP​

A post on PSP's Facebook page on May 15, signed off by Secretary-General Hazel Poa, offered the party's "warmest congratulations" to Singapore's soon-to-be fourth prime minister, Lawrence Wong, and wished him "all the best".
The party recognised PM Lee's service, thanking him for his 20 years as Singapore's leader, and highlighted the opportunities a new leader provides for the city-state.
"As Singapore enters a new beginning, new possibilities beckon."
In an interview with The Economist on May 6, Wong said the "the opposition presence in parliament is here to stay", a sentiment echoed by PSP in their statement.
The party acknowledged the "constructive" role they expect to play in Singapore's nation building efforts and contributing, alongside other political parties, to the outcome of political decisions.

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Top image from The Worker's Party/Facebook and Progress Singapore Party/YouTube
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